Apr 30, 2012

My Girl

Saturday afternoon, after Sara Madalin's nap, she and her Daddy went outside to play for awhile. She wanted to play in the sand and sprinkler, so we put one of her swimsuits on and took her out to play. I thought I'd take a couple quick pictures of her before she went to the sand. 


I can't believe that she will be 4-years-old in less than a month. 


She has grown and matured quite a bit this year. She is so different than she was this time last year. I've been reluctant to share much in our blog about all the changes we've been through lately. Maybe I'll find the time and words to discuss that soon. Much of it centers around changes to this little girl's life. And she has handled many of those changes better than I thought she would. She's smarter than we give her credit. 


I'm excited to see how she handles the next few months. We are working very hard on manners, behavior, and obeying mommy and daddy. She is improving in those areas more everyday. 


We are so proud of her and remind her all the time how special she is. I've said the lines from "The Help" to her so much that I can ask her, "Now what are you?" She'll answer, "I am smart. I am beautiful. I am some-body!" 


As I said earlier in the post, she had a great time playing outside with her Daddy. She was worn out by the end of the day. Reagan and I fought her for over 2 hours to get her to settle down and go to sleep Saturday night. Reagan thinks she was just so exhausted that she couldn't (or wouldn't) settle down. I think she just wants to see how far she can push her mother until I have a complete and total breakdown. I'm sure of the two of us, he was probably closer to being correct. 

Again, as I said, we're working on things. Although Saturday night was difficult, Sunday afternoon she went right down at nap time. Then, after our evening church picnic, came home and went right to bed and slept all night. 

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Jennifer said...

I really admire your true thoughts on raising SM. I think the title of your blog says it all :) Your words often describe the utmost joy you have for this little girl. I strongly believe that our children MUST be taught discipline, respect, manners and obedience. There are so many kids that don't get this. Again, I'm thankful that you share your blog with so many of us. If I ever get your way, I'd be ecstatic to meet you!

Penny said...

Those close-up pictures are awesome! Her eyes are beautiful and that smile lights them up! :) I loved The Help. "You is smart. You is kind. You is important." What lovely things to label our babies with. :)