Apr 26, 2012

Some iPhone photos from the last few weeks

Here are few photos from our life these past few weeks. All of these pics were snapped with my phone.

I rewarded Sara Madalin one Friday afternoon when I picked her up from preschool with a trip to her favorite pizza parlor. She likes to go there because she gets ice cream for dessert. And, she likes that they will bring dough out to the table for her to play with. Baby girl was making some pizza in this next photo. 


The afternoon of her Easter party at school, she came home and crashed on the sofa. She never does that. Usually, I have to put her in her room, blackout curtains drawn, soft music playing, and fight her for about 30-45 minutes to get her to take a nap. But that day, she got her a pillow and a blanket, laid down on the sofa and was out in a matter of minutes. I just sat there and let her sleep. She's so precious when she sleeps. 


This next picture was taken on our way home from Susie and Wayne's the afternoon of Easter. She had played her heart out in the pool and did not want to leave. She fussed for a little while on the ride home, mostly because she was so exhausted. We let her sleep in the car for close to an hour once we got home.


Reagan's birthday was April 13. Sara Madalin was so excited when I told her it was Daddy's birthday. She went to school and told her teacher. Well, Mrs. Melodi then told her the story of how she had taken her daughter to a Mexican restaurant on her birthday and the waiters had sang and put whipped cream on her daughter's face. Before she was even buckled in in the car to leave school that afternoon, she asked if we were going to Daddy's birthday party. I had to tell her no, Daddy wasn't having a birthday party. Then she told me the story of her teacher's daughter and asked if we could go eat Mexican so the "cookers" could put whipped cream on Daddy's face. 

We went to eat Mexican. 

From the moment we walked into the restaurant, she started telling anyone who would listen that it was her Daddy's birthday. The cookers didn't put whipped cream on Daddy's face, but they did sing to him and make him wear a sombrero. SM loved it. He's such a good Daddy.


SM let me put the sombrero on her for a minute. 


I'm not sure who those people are behind SM in the picture above, but they seemed pretty interested in what we had going on at our table. 

These are my girls the night we went to the Braves' game. 


And this was taken one Sunday afternoon at a restaurant SM likes to go to after church. She likes to go there because we can sit out on the patio and because they serve banana pudding. She's a girl of simple taste. 


We have a pretty fun and busy weekend. Can't wait to post about it next week. 

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Carrie said...

SM in that sombrero on is too cute!!! You are right, that is one good daddy ;)

I am so glad to read that I am not the only momma struggling with nap time. AC is 3.5 yrs old these days and itching to quit taking naps. It's killing me!!