May 30, 2012

Dance Camp 2012

Sara Madalin has been to a 3-day dance camp at church this week. She went last year and I can see a HUGE improvement in her since then. She has taken dance all year at school, so that has helped her understand that the teacher is there to teach and she should listen when the teacher is telling her to do something. Also, she's a year older and she has grown some. Now, she still likes to run around and I saw today that she still needs to be told to listen from time to time, but she has improved. And I'm proud of her. 

I took a few pictures before I left her this morning. The class is full of 3- and 4-year-olds. The teachers are two college students. I'm not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to teach this group of girls. When I dropped SM off, the girls were just running in circles around the room. SM joined them. Here are a couple girls who are were having a great time. 


SM's friend, Tailyn was dropped off by her mom right after we arrived. Her baby sister was with them. Sara Madalin is obsessed with babies. She had to go over and see the baby. Look at that sweet face.


When I finally left her, she was looking out the window. They are on the 3rd floor, so I'm sure it is amazing to her to see how high up she is and what all is going on below. 


Would you look at the tone in those legs. I wish I had that.

She has one more day and they are to perform a little dance for us. I took a quick video of them practicing today. I'm having a little trouble uploading it from my phone. But if I can get it loaded, I'll share it. Hopefully she'll actually dance tomorrow and I may get some photos and video then as well. 

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The Glenn Gang said...

That picture of her looking at the baby is PRESH!!!!

Penny said...

Love the sweet picture of SM looking at the baby! Too precious! :)