Jun 11, 2012

Father-Daughter Day Date

One of the many things I love about Reagan is that he understands my need to sometimes be alone. I can take just so much, and then I need to be quiet and alone to recharge. (I'm sure I'm the only person who is high maintenance enough to need time like that.)

He also understands how important it is for him to spend quality time with Sara Madalin - just the two of them. He knows it is important to teach her how a gentleman treats a young lady. And so, Saturday he decided to take her on a day-date to spend time alone with her, and to give me some recharge time.

Here they are right before heading out to see a movie together.




They went to see Madagascar 3. Reagan said she acted very good and she enjoyed the movie. I'm thankful for a husband that takes such great care of both his girls. 

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The Glenn Gang said...

...and his deacon families. Don't forget us. He takes good care of us too!

Ashley Pichea said...

What a fun Father-Daughter Date! My husband has been wanting to take our kids to go see that movie, too.

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