Jun 20, 2012

Lots of Swimming and Library Books

There's not a lot happening around the Brown house these days that would be considered newsworthy. But I do have a few pics of our recent ordinary happenings. 

Saturday night Reagan and I had a date night. He treated me to dinner and a movie. Before we left, I asked Miss Amber to take a picture of us. Of course, our girl also had to be included.


(Please pretend you don't notice that I don't have any curtains up. I've washed them and just haven't pressed and put them back up yet.)

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with a wonderful service at church. Afterwards, we headed over to Sue-Sue's for a nap and pool time. Jana came over and played with us some. Sara Madalin thinks Jana is the same age as her and always enjoys spending time together. 


We spent time at home Monday. Tuesday SM went to play with friends at school where they are having Summer activities. Today, we made our second Summer visit to the library. She loves to read. It doesn't matter how many books we check out, she wants to read them all as soon as we get home. So, we plan to make at least one trip a week to the library this Summer.

The library has their Summer reading program going and they have various decorations up promoting the program. One item that we saw was a huge model of Frankenstein reading. Sara Madalin kept going over to him and touching him. Then, of course, she had a million questions about him and why he was there and why was he so big and on and on. Before we left, I took her picture with him.


She also wanted to look at the fish. Instead of asking me all the questions, she was telling me all about them.  


She was so good at the library - the best she's been of any time we've ever visited there. I was proud of her and told her so.

After the library, we enjoyed some time at Sue-Sue's pool. She played for a couple hours, then came home and took a nice little nap. 

Although we've not had much excitement around here, we are enjoying our Summer. 

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