Aug 27, 2012

Dancing Diva

Saturday evening we attended the wedding of our sweet friend, Anna. When Sara Madalin saw Anna come into the room in her wedding gown, she said, "Is she a princess?" Then when she saw Anna's groom, SM said, "Is he her prince?" It was so sweet. Then, as they stood there, she talked and talked and talked. At one point she said, "Are they gonna have a baby now?" I don't know where that came from.

Here's Sara Madalin and the beautiful bride. 

Anna had a FUN reception. There was so much delicious food. And there was a band and dancing. Our girl could not have been happier. She danced the whole time. She danced with the bride and groom. She danced with Scooter (who happens to be Anna's dad). She even got her Daddy out there to dance with her - something I couldn't do.

She also danced with her friend Skylar. They were a hit. Every camera in the room snapped a shot of them. And they LOVED it. 

We enjoyed the wedding. We especially loved how the fun and dancing wore our girl out. We left around 8:30. When we got home and I started getting SM ready for bed, she said, "Mommy, I don't need a story tonight." She was so tired. She was out in minutes and slept so late Sunday morning that we had to wake her up for church. I told Reagan I'm going to ask around and see if anyone knows someone getting married this coming weekend. If they do, and if the couple is having dancing at their reception, I'm going to ask they invite us. Just so she can dance. We'll be glad to bring a gift. 

Congratulations to our friends Anna and Wayne. 

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