Aug 1, 2012

Four Year Check-up

Sara Madalin had her 4-year well-child check-up today. I didn't call for an appointment before her birthday back in May because I didn't want to have to take her before school was out. So I waited until after her birthday to call the doctor's office. I was told in late May that the earliest appointment they had was August 1. I said, "We'll take it." 

She knew she would probably have to get at least one shot, and she kept telling me she didn't want it. She asked every nurse we saw if they were going to give her a shot. Unlike me, who kept telling her when she asked, "Yes, you'll probably get a shot today," the nurses would give her vague answers like, "Well, I guess we'll have to see." 

One of the first things the nurse did was weigh her. She weighs a little over 36 lbs., which is in the 50th percentile.


You may (or may not) notice the spots on her nose and arms. She has several bug bites. I asked her how she got so many bug bites, she said she got them playing outside the day, "Rod and Penny came ober."

She is 42 1/2 inches tall. That is 90th percentile. 


Dr. D. said her body mass is 15. He said that he likes to see children at 15 or above, so he's not concerned about that. He told me what we pretty much already suspected, she's going to be tall and thin. 

They also took her blood pressure with the cuff for the first time. She was curious and excited at first. Then, when it started tightening on her arm, she looked at me with fright and said, "I don't like it."


She had to have her finger pricked - which she hated. But she got a Spiderman band-aid, so that made her forget the prick. Dr. D. came in and did his routine check up and said she looks great. He asked how she was doing and I told him that she was much better than the last time we had seen him. He knows about our dietary changes and the other areas we've been trying to work on to help her. Reagan and I met with him right before her birthday to see his opinion on some of the things we've thought about working on with her. He gave us some great advice. He's been very helpful and supportive of our efforts.

Then he left and the nurse came in. She sat 3 syringes down on the table and SM said, "What's dat?" Let me just say, the visit did not end well. It took the nurse and I both to hold her down. Everyone in the building probably heard her screaming. After the first shot, she said to the nurse, "Please don't give me 3 shots! I don't like them." The nurse said, "Oh, sweet girl, you are breaking my heart." She was so pitiful. The last shot was worst. She looked at the nurse and screamed, "Ouchie! Ouchie! Dat hurst me!" But when it was over, I scooped up all 42 1/2 inches of her and held her like I always have after shots. She calmed down and we got all our stuff ready to leave. As we walked out of the room, Dr. D. was in his office across the hall and he said to her, "Well, did you survive?" She wouldn't answer him. She wouldn't talk to any of them until we got to the check-out desk and they gave her a sticker. 

Once we got to the car she was fine. I told her I was proud of her and that she was such a big girl. She has been really good for me all afternoon. 


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Carrie said...

Bless her heart! I am not looking forward to Allie Claire's 4-year well check. The shots are soooo much harder now that they are old enough to realize what is going on! I'm glad SM got a sticker to help ease the pain :)