Sep 12, 2012

And on Wednesday, she slept

Tuesday Sara Madalin did not take a nap. And she definitely needed one. 

Tuesday night I had a meeting and I wasn't home when it came time for Sara Madalin to go to bed. Now, she's fine with Reagan getting her ready for bed and reading to her before she goes to sleep. But when it comes to actually lying still and going to sleep, she wants her momma next to her. 

As I said, I wasn't there. So, she wouldn't calm down and go to sleep until I got home. That meant she went to bed a little later than usual. Not only did she go to sleep later, she also woke up around midnight, then got up for the day at 6:00. All of that on top of not having a much needed nap Tuesday. Needless to say, she was cranky and tired when we left for school Wednesday morning. 

But it all caught up with her around 2:45 Wednesday afternoon. 





You can run only so long.

Then you pass out cold in the back seat of your momma's car.

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