Sep 18, 2012

Back to School Night

Reagan and I went to "Back to School Night" at SM's school this evening. It's a time for teachers to update parents on what all the students are working on so far this year. It's also a time for parents to spend a little time together.

While we are interested in what she's learning (since we pay all that money in tuition, and all), I think my favorite part of tonight was getting to talk to some of the other parents and see that we are all going through many of the same things - especially those of us with girls. I think I laughed more tonight than I have in a week and a half.

We had about 20-30 minutes to just talk and visit before going into SM's classroom. I got to talk to a few of the moms who have children in Sara Madalin's class. We were all discussing what our children have come home and told (or not told) us. For some reason, I kept hearing, "(Fill in the blank) came home talking about Sara Madalin the other day." Or, "(Fill in the blank) told me that Sara Malinda said..." My child may not be the best behaving child in the class, but she certainly is popular, loved, and according to several parents, a ball of fun.

We all also discovered that we use some of the same tactics to get our children to tell us the truth about their day. When we ask our kids how their day was, and we suspect they aren't telling us the truth or the whole story, we threaten to call their teacher. Almost always, our children begin to either change their story, or say, "Oh, no, don't call her. You don't need to call her." It was funny just to get together and share our stories. As I said, we all laughed a lot.

When we got into the classroom, SM's teacher was explaining the purple, green, yellow, and red circles that are used for showing behavior throughout the day. Everyone starts on green. If you are really good, you get moved to purple. If you get in trouble, you get first moved to yellow as a warning, and then red if you continue to misbehave. If you get moved to red, the teacher calls your mom. Some of the moms were not aware of the use of the dots until tonight. I said to one, "Oh, we know all about the dots. I've actually gotten at least two calls since the beginning of the year." And Reagan added, "Yes, trust us, in this case, no news is good news."

We also got to see some of Sara Madalin's work. We forgot to take pictures of her workbook where she's practicing her alphabet, but here's a pumpkin that she painted last week.


We're hoping she excels academically, because I'm not certain she has much of a future in art. 

It was a good night and I'm so proud of the progress we are seeing in our girl. We have a long way to go, but we are definitely seeing progress. 

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