Sep 10, 2012

"He Got Up In My Face"

After dropping Sara Madalin off at school this morning, I got to enjoy some time with other moms at church. On Mondays there is a group of moms - most of whom are about 10 years younger than me - that meet for Bible study. They "allow" me to come because I have a child the same age as their children. I'm kidding. I was invited by several of the ladies because they know how important it is for moms of small children to stick together. I need the fellowship and I enjoy spending times with these sweet ladies. We are starting Angela Thomas's study, "Brave." I love Angela and have enjoyed every study of hers that I've ever done. I can't wait to dive into this study and grow through this time of fellowship.

While I was bonding with other moms and getting excited about spending time growing in Jesus, my daughter was having quite a day of her own. When I picked her up from school I asked her how her day went. I asked if she'd gotten in trouble over anything. She got really shy and quiet and said, "I squeezed Holt's arm." I said, "No, we don't treat our friends that way. We don't squeeze, hit, pinch, or bite." Then I asked what Holt had done to make her want to squeeze his arm. She said, "He got up in my face again." I'm not exactly sure why Holt gets right up in her face. But I do know she doesn't care for it. I told her that if he does that again, she should tell her teacher, but DO NOT touch Holt like that again.

She didn't confess anything else, so I gave her a snack and we came on home. She found a headband in a bag of toys we keep in the back seat with her. I looked back when we were almost home and this is what I saw. 


When we got home, I fixed our lunch. We ate and I started getting ready to lie down for a nap. As I was changing her (she's high maintenance and HAS to sleep in PJs, even for a nap), my phone rang. I saw the number for the school on my screen and I knew it couldn't be good. I answered and it was her teacher. When Sara Madalin heard me say hello to her, she went into the next room and sat there really quietly the whole time I was on the phone. 

Turns out that not only did she squeeze Holt's arm, she also disobeyed her teacher when she was told to stay in her seat. That got her clip moved to yellow. And then, after snack time, she was told to work on a worksheet but told her teacher that she'd already done it and that it was at home. Her teacher had not given them the worksheet before today, so she told Sara Madalin that she was telling a lie and got moved to Red, which resulted in her having to sit in time out.

(Let me say as an aside, in SM's defense, she has done a similar worksheet with leaves that similar instructions. We have worksheets here that we do with her, and I keep all her worksheets from school. She (SM) really thought she had done the worksheet. And I told her teacher I'd seen the worksheet SM was talking about. However, I also told her I supported her in correcting and discipling Sara Madalin as she did.)

Anyway, her teacher and I talked a little more. I thanked her for calling me and sharing this information with me and I told her that we'd have a talk with Sara Madalin and that we would continue to impress on her the importance of obeying and being truthful. After I got off the phone, I found Sara Madalin and sat down on the floor beside her to talk. I told her it wasn't good to disobey and that I was a little disappointed that she'd gotten her clip moved to red today. To which she replied, "It's ok Mommy. Red's my favorite color."

Clearly the whole talk about discipline was wasted. Now you see why I need fellowship with ADULT women who are raising preschoolers too. 

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Their Mommy His Wife said...

oh, Malinda!! how can you keep a straight face with that one? :) :)
My little girl's favorite color is purple and red. I could totally imagine her saying something quite similar...
I hope she has a better day tomorrow!!

Laura said...

OMG!! Sorry, but that is HILARIOUS!!! And I'm like SM on the "getting in my space." Don't crowd me!