Sep 11, 2012

I'm Already Looking Forward to a Nap Tomorrow

My morning started off with me rolling out of the bed with the thought, "Is there any chance I can fit a nap into today?"

I ran a few errands, did a few things around the house, then showered to get ready to go pick up my girl. Before picking her up, I stopped to buy groceries. I love going to the grocery store because I always see several friends from church, or other moms from Sara Madalin's school. I happened to run into a sweet friend from church I hadn't seen in a few weeks. We spoke for a few minutes. I saw a couple of other friends from church as well. 

I then headed over to pick up Sara Madalin. Today was a Lunch Bunch day for her. That means she stays for lunch, then has an afternoon activity. Today was Basketball TOTs. When she stays for Lunch Bunch, I have to go in to pick her up rather than her being brought out to my car. So, I went in to check her out. Her teacher was working the check-out desk, so we spoke for a few minutes. Sara Madalin had a pretty good day overall. She's doing really well with her handwriting. Just this morning she was practicing her letter "A" for us and she's doing great. I talked with her teacher while I waited for Sara Madalin to come down the hall, then we headed out to the car. On the way out, I saw another friend from church and said hello.

I got Sara Madalin buckled in, got her milk for her, and then handed her a snack. Once she was settled for the ride home (during which I was hoping she'd take a nap that didn't happen), I went around and got in as well. And that's when I looked down and noticed my pants were unzipped . . .  And had been for the last hour and a half as I made my way through the grocery store and into the school. 

I am DEFINITELY fitting in a nap tomorrow. 

Here's a couple pics of SM from this afternoon. Just because. 



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