Sep 30, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

We went to an annual family church retreat this past weekend. I have tons of pictures, stories, and videos to share. But I'm tired. Very tired. 

I did want to share one video though. It was kind of the highlight of our weekend. And by "highlight" I mean I was hanging my head in shame by the time this moment was over. After you watch the video clip, you might understand why.

Let me give a few disclaimers before you click play.

First, Sara Madalin had gone to bed 2 1/2 hours past her normal bedtime on Friday night, and had still risen with the sun on Saturday morning. She played hard all morning, including walking 2 miles around the lake, and climbing a rock wall. This video was shot around 8:30 Saturday night. After they "sang," I took her back to our cabin and she was alseep by 9:00, if that tells you anything. 

Second, these two, who are 4-years-old, were about 5th on the program. They had already sat and watched the other kids joke and play and get laughs in their skits. So, obviously, they were wound up and wanted a few laughs themselves. And boy did they get them. 

I wish there was another disclaimer, because after you watch this, I feel like I might appear to be a poor mother in the eyes of some. All I can say is, in the words of some country singer whose name I can't remember right now, "Mama Tried."

Here's Sara Madalin, and her good friend Audrey, "performing" in the Talent Show Saturday night. 

After they were done, I had to literally chase her down on the stage and take the microphone from her. She looked at me as we left the stage and she said, "I had fun Mommy. They think I'm funny."

A man from the back of the room yelled out, "Now I know where my Mt. Dew went."

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