Oct 17, 2012

"Where's my snake?"

This past Friday night our friends, the Whites, came over again for dinner. They had visited with us one night before since they've been home. During that first visit, Sara Madalin discovered that Cruz, who is 2-years-old, was afraid of her play snake. It looks real. We heard them in her bedroom playing, then we heard him screaming and crying. Regina went in and she said Sara Madalin had Cruz back into a corner, holding the snake in front of him. 

Well, when I told her they were coming back over for a little while Friday night, she said to me, "Mommy, where's my snake?"

I told her I put it up and that she was not going to use it to scare him.

So, our friends came over and brought pizza. Reagan brought Sara Madalin home a hamburger and fries because she can't have pizza. We quickly realized we should have gotten Cruz the same thing when they sat down at her little table with their plates and he reached over and helped himself to a few of her French fries. That didn't go over well with her at first. But, after a little talk, she did share a few more with him. 

Between one of the four of us parents jumping up every 30 seconds to break the two of them up, we finally finished our dinner. While we tried to sit and talk for just a few minutes, they played. They are like two peas in a pod. They ran, jumped, and ran some more.  There was not one minute all night that they were both still at the same time. The only time they slowed down was for a milk break.

Finally, Reagan brought down Sara Madalin's play tent and for the rest of the night they were in and out of it. And of course, they did a little more running and a little climbing. 


We had a fun time with them and hope to see them again soon.

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The White's said...

I am tired again just reading this post. haha Maybe the third time will be the charm :-)

Their Mommy His Wife said...

sounds like those two had a blast!
I sent you an email asking about suggestions for a friend in need and she is trying to follow the whole foods diet for her two kids.
Thanks so much!!