Nov 13, 2012

We were robbed!

Not literally. What I'm referring to is the Great Chili Cook-off of 2012. We, well, at least Reagan's chili, should have won.

A few weeks ago it was announced that all the Adult Sunday School classes were invited to participate in a chili cook-off. If anyone in our class wanted to cook, they could represent the class the night of the competition. Well, I kinda spoke up and said that Reagan has his mom's old recipe for chili and that he might, sorta do it. 

Actually, I said enthusiastically for all to hear, "Reagan can do it!" So it was decided that he would.

A few weeks later we were given instructions that we'd also be judged on our decoration/presentation and team spirit. I was put in charge of decoration/presentation. Now, I could give the excuse that we'd just gotten back from vacation and I was swamped with studying for comps, and I just didn't have time to decorate. But the truth is, I had a great plan for decorations, and even had some supplies, until the afternoon of the competition. Then, I thought, "Nobody is going to decorate much. I'll just do something really simple." I think I had lost my mind and all my braincells were on vacation. I don't know what I was thinking. So, our decoration/presentation was lacking, to say the least.

We had team spirit though. Everyone dressed in red shirts (for chili peppers), except me. I had on a green shirt, for the stem of the pepper. At least that's what we told the judges. Ok, so maybe we weren't that strong in the team spirit department either.

But where we lacked in the first two categories, we more than made up in the chili cooking category. Reagan's chili was great. The guys in our class went around and tasted some of the other chili and they kept coming back and saying Reagan's was the best. We even had an empty pot before anyone else. 

But alas, we didn't place in the top three in the cook-off. Were we bitter? Oh, yes. There was talk of letters being moved to other churches and requests to see the judges' comment sheets. I even threatened to go "Toddlers and Tiaras" on the judges. But rather than get all in a tizzy, we have vowed to come back next year and take the ultimate prize.

How, you may ask, are we planning to do that? Well, in addition to the chili, we're going to have a mariachi band.

And puppets.

Cause there is nothing that says we have the best recipe quite like a group of 40-somethings performing a puppet show at a chili cook-off.

That's right. We aren't holding anything back next time. 


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