Feb 18, 2013

High Maintenance

Last Monday afternoon Sara Madalin had her 6-month appointment to have her teeth cleaned. Up until this point, she's only had her teeth polished by Mrs. Debbie. At the last appointment, Mrs. Debbie noticed she had a little tartar on her front bottom teeth. She picked up one of her instruments to scale those teeth. Sara Madalin immediately began to cry. She was afraid to let Mrs. Debbie put one of the instruments in her mouth. We thought we might have to begin taking her to a pediatric dentist.

This past Monday, when Debbie got SM settled in the chair, she reached over and picked up her instrument. SM opened her mouth and never complained. About the scaling, that is. She did, however, complain about the bright light Mrs. Debbie uses. The only thing that seemed to help was my letting her use my shades while Mrs. Debbie cleaned her teeth. 


Talk about high maintenance. That girl can be at times. I told her Daddy I just don't know where she gets those tendencies. He said he has a pretty good idea. 

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Carrie said...

I have sat here and laughed so hard over SM's antics! Oh my word, she's too much!!!!

Nicki Glenn said...

I'm glad Reagan can recognize the traits he has passed on to her. I don't know how you deal with it, Malinda. You are a good lady to put up with all the antics from those two. As calm and low key as you are, that is a real gift. It's like that in our house too. I just go with the flow while Dan gets worked up about every thing. Maybe you and I need a vacay to decompress!