Feb 1, 2013

January Photo Stream

I can't believe I've only blogged about 4 times during the month of January. I thought once I finished college classes, I thought I'd have more free times. Turns out, no, no I don't. 

Luckily, I captured a few moments from this past month on my phone. I thought I'd share those so I can remember at least a few things from this past month.

One highlight of the month was having our niece, Amandah over to spend the night. She and SM had a blast together. They are both a little bossy, but they did get along relatively well. They were worn out by bedtime, which was great when it came time to put them to bed. Here they are getting a little jumping in before bath time. 
Jumping time is very important when you are their age. It helps with development or something. I don't know. But I do know it burns tons of energy in busy little girls. We do A LOT of jumping at our house. 

Another interesting moment was when I found SM in her bathroom looking like this.


She was supposed to be playing in the water. Another thing we do a lot of at our house. But, she got into some make-up and lipstick that SueSue gave her for Christmas. She told me she was trying to practice her clown face for Halloween. Who knows where she comes up with some of this stuff.

SM had another "first" this month. Her first Sunday to sit through a BIG church service. Usually, during second hour of Sunday morning church, she stays in the preschool department. Children are allowed to stay in there until they enter Kindergarten. I thought we'd start trying to let her sit in BIG service with us while we still had the option of taking her back to the preschool area if we needed to. She has sat with us for the past two Sundays and she has been awesome. We have a little plastic box we carry for her with coloring sheets, colors, a notepad, and some squishy toys. She knows she doesn't get any of that until after singing. Once she gets her activity, she concentrates on that (until the pastor says something really loud and she asks if he is "getting on to everybody") for the rest of the service. We have been so proud of her. Here's a photo of her the first Sunday she was in BIG church.


One thing that has kept me busy this month is preparing for a consignment sale our church holds in the Fall and Spring. Proceeds from the sale goes to support foreign and local mission work. Last Fall I consigned for the first time. I consigned a few of SM's clothes. This sale, I have gone through her stuff all the way back to newborn sizes. I'm a little sad about getting rid of some of these things, but I think someone should have an opportunity to use them rather than them ruining in boxes. Plus, the money is going toward the spreading of the gospel. Here's a couple photos of my first day of sorting. This doesn't include what I had still in bags or the toys I've been going through. 


Then, finally, here are a few pictures of SM from this past weekend. One is of her after playing out in the backyard in the mud. That is her absolute favorite thing to do. Another photo is of her watching the iPad as we waited for lunch Sunday afternoon. She was watching Shark Week on Netflix. She is obsessed with sharks, snakes, and spiders. She is who she is. 

And one last picture of her holding a teeny, tiny baby Sunday night. That's little Logan. She's only a couple weeks old. Her Daddy was really close to Reagan when Reagan worked with youth at our church years ago. He was ordained at a local church as a deacon Sunday night and he asked Reagan to come be part of his ordination council. Can you tell how happy SM was that she got to get her hands on that little one?

We've had a great month. We have tons more exciting things this coming month. Our girl will have lots of adventures I'm sure. Maybe I'll be better about recording things. 

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