Apr 1, 2013

K4 Easter Egg Hunt 2013

I promise I have not given up on blogging. I just have spent my energy on other things lately. By the time I have a few minutes at the end of the day to blog, all I want to do is watch about 30 minutes of TV with Reagan, then go to bed. I do have things to share, photos and stories, but I don't know that I'll ever catch up, or even remember all I've thought I wanted to say in the past few months. I hate that I've let some of the events (like SM's first professional haircut, which followed her first non-professional haircut), go un-recorded on the blog. Things like that I'll try to go back and post about, but right now, I'm just going to start where we are and try to keep up from here on out. So, I'll start with Sara Madalin's egg hunt at school this past week. 

Like last year, I was asked to help with preparations for the hunt and party. I got to work with another mom to communicate to those who'd agreed to bring snacks, as well as set up for the party. We were asked to keep things a little more low key this year. I was somewhat disappointed, but then I was working a consignment sale at church the week before, which limited the amount of time I actually had to spend preparing for this party. So, in the end, I was thankful things were more low key. The decorations and snacks were simple, but cute. And the kids enjoyed themselves, which is really all that matters. 

We had goldfish and iced cookies for snacks, along with water to drink. My co-chair brought the cute bunnies that we used as decorations on the table, and I made the egg-tree centerpiece. I told someone I almost didn't bring it, because I thought it looked plain and cheap. But when Sara Madalin got up the morning of the party and saw it in the kitchen, she said, "Mommy, it's so pretty." If she thinks it's pretty, and she represents my target audience, I guess it works. 

 photo IMG_5086_zps5df63292.jpg

We had over 750 eggs that we placed on the football field. Talk about some kids who were eager to get to those eggs - the K4 class at SM's school could not wait. 

 photo IMG_5091_zps7207fb37.jpg

All the classes came out and lined up on the sideline of the football field and waited until everyone was there before they could go onto the field to the eggs. SM's class was the first to line up. She was itching to get to those eggs that were close to her. I had to go over to her and warn her that if she touched one, she would have to sit down and wait for everyone else to get their eggs before she could get hers. Harsh? Yes. But it worked. She stood there and didn't move an inch until it was time. 

 photo IMG_5107_zpsb2a118bc.jpg

 photo IMG_5108_zps0bc60eab.jpg

She eyed a polka-dot egg close to her. She wanted that egg. She stared it down until the teachers told them they could go onto the field. As soon as they said, "Go!" that girl ran straight to that egg. 

 photo IMG_5110_zpsa0be3cb2.jpg

She was very particular about the eggs she picked up and put into her basket. So much so that all the eggs were gone before she even had 6 eggs in her basket. Each child was allowed 12 eggs. Luckily, some of her classmates had extra eggs and shared with her.

 photo IMG_5112_zpsdb862876.jpg

After the hunt, we wanted to get a picture of her class together. When we told them to stand together for a picture, Holt immediately put his arm around SM. She LOVED it. She has the biggest crush on him. Her Daddy has had several talks with her about how children her age do not have boyfriends, just friends who are boys. But, it doesn't matter how many times we have that conversation, it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. She's going to give me and her Daddy fits when it comes to boys, I'm certain of it. 

 photo IMG_5118_zps0e70a595.jpg

This is about the best picture I could take of SM and her class. They were far more interested in the eggs in their basket than they were any picture. We also got one of the teachers with the class. I just somehow neglected to upload it. 

 photo IMG_5119_zpsa677c381.jpg

After a few photos on the football field, the little people went back to their playground where the snack table was set up. They grabbed a snack and a bottle of water and sat around eating them and examining the contents of their eggs. We ordered iced cookies for the children. Since SM could not have that, I baked some cupcakes and brought her one. We have several get-togethers over the next week or so, and those cupcakes will definitely come in handy. And if there is one thing this girls loves, it's a cupcake. 

 photo IMG_5135_zpsb51bdf43.jpg

I am so thankful I get to experience these events as a mother. I make a fuss over her outfits. I like to be part of the planning and preparation. And I love to attend everything they will allow me to at school. Even after almost 5 years of being her mommy, I still haven't gotten over the excitement and thrill of everything I get to experience with her. I hope I never do. I love this girl, even on the most tiring days. She makes me laugh. She makes me want to scream. But she is my baby and she always will be. I'm so glad I get to be her mommy. 

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Courtney said...

What a fun event. She looks like she is having such a great time.

Carrie said...

What a fun party! I am dying that SM is liking a boy (although Holt is handsome!) Ha!