May 15, 2013

K4 Spring Program 2013

Last week Sara Madalin and her class participated in their end-of-the-year program. It was so sweet. When they were introduced, they were presented as the graduating class of 2026. I think every mom in the room groaned at the mention of that date even being a reality. Here are some of the sweet babies from the Bug class.

 photo IMG_5546_zps1b6d82f5.jpg

They sang several songs, and many of them had motions or some sort of activity to go with them. Sara Madalin loves performing and I loved watching her. She did really good and we were proud of her. 

 photo IMG_5580_zps4c8c17d4.jpg

 photo IMG_5588_zps49e27b6a.jpg

They turned around at one point to put on a pair of sunglasses. 

 photo IMG_5591_zpsd6cc1597.jpg

They were all smiles when they turned around. They really enjoyed singing this song. 

 photo IMG_5593_zps1669173d.jpg

When I posted this next picture on Facebook I wrote that she's got the BIG finish down pat. 

 photo IMG_5602_zps8b0deab1.jpg

The girls sang a petunia song. Sara Madalin started making faces during this song. She thought it was funny. Her momma did not. 

 photo IMG_5606_zps42d4c087.jpg

 photo IMG_5607_zps947c7712.jpg

The last song they sang was the school fight song. They looked so cute in their pink and blue hats. 

 photo IMG_5615_zpsa9a01c65.jpg

Here is a shot of all the 1/2 day K4 students. I can't believe that in just a few days my baby will officially be a kindergartener. 

 photo IMG_5616_zps0b870585.jpg

Sara Madalin and her classmates did such a great job. We were all so proud of them. Their teachers even rewarded them with a little party this week where they got to were Silly Socks and Silly Hats. I'll post pics of SM in her hat soon. 

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Courtney said...

So cute. We just went to my nephew's pre-k graduation. The class of 2026 sounds so far away, but I know it will be here in the blink of an eye.