May 9, 2013

She's a cutie

 photo IMG_5395_zps0e2fcb6e.jpg

 photo IMG_5397_zps74a01642.jpg

She's pretty cute, isn't she?

Yeah, that cutie is a hand full. She's smart, funny, and a ball of energy. She gets up as soon as there is a sliver of sunlight peeping through the blackout curtains that hang in her room. She doesn't leave one thing untouched when she enters a room. She asks a million questions a day - the most frequent of which is "Why?". She loves any and every animal that she comes across, and there's never been a puddle of water that she wasn't uncontrollably attracted to. I love her. She wears me slap out, but I love her more than I ever knew I could love anyone or anything. 

Now, if she would stop mooning people in the bathroom at school, she'd probably be even cuter. 

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leemeandthegirls said...

Ha! So funny. That sounds EXACTLY like something my Libby would do. :) She is beautiful, btw, which I'm sure you already know. :)

Penny said...

She is such a character. I know if I could meet her irl, we'd totally hit it off. ;)