May 29, 2013

SM's 5th Birthday

Last Tuesday was Sara Madalin's last official day of school. Because it was her birthday, I told her she didn't have to go to school and that we would do whatever she wanted for her day. I let her sleep until she woke up naturally. She slept until about 7:00 and came into our room and asked, "Is it my birthday?" I told her it was. She was so happy. 

I had wrapped a few small things I'd picked up for her. We let her open them before Reagan left for work. Don't you just love that morning hair?

 photo IMG_3803_zps936debbe.jpg

She got a set of cards with the states and capitals on them. She's interested in the U.S. states right now. We have a map up in her room and she'll point to a state and ask me to tell her which state it is, and we've been listening to a song to learn the states and their capitals. I thought this little set of cards would be something she could look at in the car while we ride. 

 photo IMG_3804_zps39df0ed4.jpg

She picked this out one day when we were at Toys R Us picking up a birthday gift for someone else. She wanted this so she and her Daddy could make a robot. 

 photo IMG_3805_zps56be32f3.jpg

Finally, I got her a little Moon Dough, which is always a big hit with this girl. 

 photo IMG_3806_zps05b26841.jpg

After Reagan left for work, she and I had breakfast then got ready to go to Chuck E. Cheese. She wanted to go there to play and have lunch. We arrived a little early, so she unbuckled and sat in the front seat with me until they opened. 

 photo IMG_3807_zpsd2e11f4d.jpg

She had a great time just playing and exploring. She rode this horse several times. She really liked him. 

 photo IMG_3809_zpsb1ca4432.jpg

She also rode in this big truck. 

 photo IMG_3810_zps70fbc162.jpg

Finally, she met Chuck. 

 photo IMG_3812_zpsc8524cf8.jpg

After spending about 40 coins to wins 70 tickets, she was ready to choose her prizes and head home. 

 photo IMG_3813_zps8a3e53fe.jpg

Happy Birthday to that sweet girl. We love her so much. And I can't believe she is already 5 years old. I tear up every time I think about how quickly these sweet years are passing. She has grown and matured so much this past year. Those who know us personally know what all we have been through to help her this past year, and how far she's come. She surprises us every day with her humor, her intelligence, and her love of life. I couldn't be prouder of her and of who she is becoming. God has such big things in store for this girl and I am so very thankful that He is allowing Reagan and me to be a part of her life. 

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Nicki Glenn said...

Seeing that she loves states, did Reagan get the Little Passports thing I sent him?? I can't wait to do that with Jonah.