May 21, 2013

The End of K4

My sweet baby girl spent her last day as a 4-year-old playing in the park with her classmates. It was the end of the year party for them. Here's a photo of SM before we left home Monday. She's holding a photo of herself on the first day of school this past August. 

 photo IMG_5737_zpsfc0cdbad.jpg

She's grown so much this year. She was still such a baby at the beginning of the school year. Now, she's 5-years-old and such a big girl. 

We were among the first to arrive at the park where their party was held. She spent her first few minutes exploring and seeing just how thrilling some of the equipment could be. 

 photo IMG_5749_zpsfb0d00c7.jpg

 photo IMG_5755_zps47f69f2b.jpg

She climbed to the top of this rock and stood up. She looked like she was going to jump a few times. Thank heavens she didn't. 

 photo IMG_5762_zpsc42404c6.jpg

She spent some time riding in the merry-go-round with her classmate, Caden. 

 photo IMG_5766_zps8bc13712.jpg

She climbed and ran around with Jack Skipper some. 

 photo IMG_5773_zps0fd74374.jpg

See, she's thinking about jumping. 

 photo IMG_5790_zps8052735b.jpg

And here she is with Holt. She is crazy about him. 

 photo IMG_5821_zpsdea59adc.jpg

After they played awhile, they came to our pavilion and had cookies, chips, and water. Here they are praying over their snack. So sweet. 

 photo IMG_5869_zpsfdb13525.jpg

Sara Madalin with her K4 teacher, Mrs. Barry. Bless this sweet lady's heart. 

 photo IMG_5876_zps65fea632.jpg

Sara Madalin and the teacher's assistant for her class, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith took a lot of time with Sara Madlain this year and helped her with her handwriting and behavior. 

 photo IMG_5877_zps3242424b.jpg

We left hot and sweaty. And one of us was pretty tired and whiny. We're happy the school year is over and now we get to play for the next couple months and do it all again starting in August. 

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