Jun 3, 2013

As American as Apple Pie

Friday night we met some of our friends from Sunday school and church at the MS Braves game. The game didn't start until it was already Sara Madalin's bedtime. So we knew it would be a treat for her and we might possibly have to leave before the game was over. 

Here I am with my girl before we went into the game. 

 photo IMG_3835_zps5c297ca3.jpg

We went up to the game box for which we had tickets. And wouldn't you know it, we got there just in time to catch the ice cream cart as it came around. Sara Madalin had one scoop of vanilla ice cream. She was in heaven. And just as any other time we've ever been to a game, she could have cared less that baseball was being played. All she had on her mind, after the ice cream of course, was going to the children's jumping area. Reagan and I walked her over there and let her play a bit. Here's SM with her Daddy, who is wrapped around her finger, by the way.

 photo IMG_3838_zps2e066fd1.jpg

After jumping, we headed back to the box and watched the last couple innings of the game. We were really killing time until the fireworks show. Here we are right before the fireworks started. 

 photo IMG_3849_zpse9cd3cc9.jpg

We watched the fireworks show then headed home. SM was up about 4 hours past her bedtime. She slept late on Saturday, but still has not fully caught up on her rest. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with our friends. We look forward to doing it again. 

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Kayla @ Keeping Up With Kayla said...

Love this post. So sweet, and looks like tons of fun!