Jun 10, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

This past week was one of our favorite weeks of Summer. It was VBS week at our church. 

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As I was able to do last year, this year I taught in the Internationals department. Sara Madalin's class was in the preschool area. By the looks of this next photo, I'd say she had a great time in her class. 

 photo IMG_3873_zps4f782f02.jpg

That's a pretty big smile, don't you think?

My friend, Adrienne, was Sara Madalin's teacher. I think Adrienne has been her teacher before. Mrs. Adrienne knows exactly how to handle our girl. 

 photo IMG_3879_zps717b3573.jpg

One of the best things about VBS, aside from the the music and Bible study, is how tired my girl is at the end of the week. This is her Friday afternoon as we headed to North MS to see my sister and her family. 

 photo IMG_3881_zps8db8f24a.jpg

We have another week of camps and swimming planned for this week. We love Summer. 

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