Jul 10, 2013

Magic House, Fire, City Museum, and The Hill

Friday of our vacation was FULL of activity. This is the first vacation we've carried SM on that she didn't need to go back to the hotel for rest (nap) in the middle of the day. Because she was able to go all day, we were able to see more sites while in St. Louis. Basically, the only time she slowed down was if she was hungry, thirsty, or needed to go to the bathroom. It was a busy day for her. 

We started our day at The Magic House, St. Louis' children's museum. There are two wings to this museum and each wing has three floors. There are also areas outside with things to explore. SM was in heaven. We let her take her time and explore. Some things she rushed through. Some things she stayed at for a while. And other things she passed right by with no interest. 

There was a beanstalk between floors in one of the wings. She chose to climb the beanstalk rather than the stairs to the second floor. 

Climbing the beanstalk photo 998814_10200976532248167_1312934894_n.jpg

There was a construction "room" and inside it was an area for digging in rocks, working a tractor/backhoe type thing, painting a wall, and a whole two stories of a house framed out that children could pretend to insulate, wire, and put pipe together for plumbing. 

Working on a house at the Magic House photo 67799_10200976531528149_1841800984_n.jpg

More construction at the Magic House photo 1002835_10200976531888158_1290202306_n.jpg

We made our way to the roof where there was a small garden planted. There was also a little playhouse and a place where children could plant their own pretend garden. She pretended to pick some vegetables and cook us some soup. 

Cooking some fresh veggies at the Magic House photo 971136_10200976530768130_701399280_n.jpg

On another floor of the museum was an area set up to represent our three branches of government. SM could have cared less about this area. But we had her go into each of the rooms anyway. In the "Supreme Court" room she put on a robe and sat in the judge's chair. She liked sitting there because there was a working microphone. 

Supreme Court Justice photo 942992_10200976531248142_1628325521_n.jpg

She moved into the Oval Office where she took a few important phone calls. 

The Oval Office at Magic House photo 1013742_10200976531048137_110444217_n.jpg

We moved to the other wing of the museum and she spent some time in the art room. She painted, she cut, she pasted, and she wrote on a white board, just to spray water on it to clean it off. 

Painting at the Magic House photo 944505_10200976529448097_677383355_n.jpg

We finished up at the museum a little after lunch. We decided to go to the Science museum next. There were a few exhibits SM explored. But her favorite thing about this museum was the presentation on fire. 

There was a guy who came out and showed several ways to create fire. The first way he showed us to create fire was with two rusty ball barrings. He slammed them together first to show that alone they couldn't create fire. Then he pulled out a box of aluminum foil. SM immediately said, "That's aluminum foil! We have that!" Reagan and I looked at each other and he said, "Maybe her seeing this isn't the best idea." 

Fire demonstration at the Science Museum photo 971291_10200976528648077_408633270_n.jpg

The guy then wrapped one of the balls in aluminum foil. He slammed them together again and there was fire. SM was very impressed. That child, who cannot sit still during a movie, church, or circle time at school, sat without flinching during this presentation. 

Watching a fire demonstration at the Science Museum photo 945919_10200976528328069_1505768590_n.jpg

She not only watched the presentation that he wanted us to see, she also watched every move he made in preparation for the next part of his presentation. He would get one area on the stage going, with a fire or whatever he was showing, then he'd move away and prep something else while most everyone was watching the fire. SM wasn't watching the fire once it started. She was watching everything he did to get it started. 

Since we've returned home, I've hidden the aluminum foil, by the way. 

Once we finished at the science museum, we thought SM was still good-to-go for a while. So, we headed over to City Museum. It's an old building downtown that is turned into what is basically a huge playground. 

City Museum photo 941221_10200976527968060_616797912_n.jpg

We bought armbands and began to explore. We went to the roof first. There SM climbed and slid and climbed some more. 

Sliding on the roof at City Museum photo 264423_10200976477606801_1099844473_n.jpg

She got Reagan into one of the tunnels and they started climbing to the top. Reagan said it about killed him. 

SM and Reagan climbing at City Museum photo 568_10200976478126814_1582514029_n.jpg

Then they went to climb to the very tip top area of the museum. At one point Reagan told her he was getting hot and tired. SM said to him, "Daddy, that's just what happens on the playground."

At the top of City Museum photo 1012992_10200976479126839_1477889519_n.jpg

At the top of City Museum photo 246895_10200976527728054_93554735_n.jpg

There was also a ferris wheel at the top of this 10-story building. Of course, these two would not be satisfied until we rode it. 

These two got me on a ferris wheel at the top of an 11 story building - City Museum photo 1004078_10200976479566850_1138757032_n.jpg

After the ferris wheel we decided to slide down the winding 10-story slide. 

About to slide down 10 stories inside City Museum photo 1006255_10200976526768030_416601409_n.jpg

You can't actually see the slide we went down in the photo above, but that's a partial look at the way we went down the slide. It was covered the whole way down similar to what is shown in the slide at the top of the photo. 

We each had to go down alone. I was nervous about SM going down the slide without one of us. It was a long way down, and it was pretty dark most of the way. I went down first. I waited for her at the bottom. I heard her coming and I was certain she'd be terrified once she reached me at the bottom. When she reached me she was smiling so big and asked if we could go down again. Because of time I had to tell her no. But we did explore a little more of the museum before leaving. I think that if we return to the area for a visit, first on our list will be a stop at City Museum.

After such a full day, we were ready for a good dinner. We decided to visit The Hill and have an authentic Italian meal. We ate at Rigazzi's. I had shrimp scampi and Reagan had lasagna. SM had a small cheese pizza. And, just as hungry as we were, we were even more tired. Here's a picture of SM and Reagan right before our meal came. 

Eating authentic Italian food in The Hill district of St. Louis. photo 66819_10200976480086863_405123692_n.jpg

I suppose I should clarify. Reagan and I were exhausted. SM, as you can see, could have kept going. 

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, all had showers, and went to bed relatively early for us. We had one more full day for our vacation and we wanted to make the most of it. 

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