Aug 9, 2013

Kindergarten Tea Party

Today Sara Madalin attended her last preschool Tea Party. After the week we've had, I was honestly too exhausted and distracted to be sad about it until I realized later this afternoon that this was her last time to attend a Tea Party to meet her teacher. Next year, she'll be a FIRST GRADER! I almost can't believe it. 

But back to today.

She carried a small gift to give to her teacher and assistant teacher. When I told someone in out Sunday school class that we were carrying a gift on the first day of school, they were surprised. I told them, "Believe me, her teacher will earn every one of those M&Ms and more. I'll be sending gifts the first day, the third week, and several other times throughout the year."

 photo 999574_10201190321152756_1690870812_n.jpg
Here she is with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Smith. We are excited for her to be a Cowgirl this year. 

 photo 981488_10201190321232758_334036284_o.jpg

This is her teacher's assistant, Miss Johnson. She was given M&Ms too. 

 photo 1146148_10201190321072754_1129698811_o.jpg

Miss Johnson is familiar with SM. She was a floating assistant last year. When I heard that SM was in her class this year, I was relieved. Miss Johnson will be great for SM. 

Look at my little outlaw.

 photo 1096997_10201190328272934_1549757582_o.jpg

We also saw some of our old friends. Here she is with her class assistant from last year, Mrs. Smith. We miss her so much. Can't you tell by this hug?

 photo 981488_10201190321112755_1708985966_o.jpg

Libby, one of SM's best friends, is in the class next to SM. 

 photo 1116010_10201190321192757_724630561_o.jpg

They took a couple minutes to read before going outside to play. 

 photo 1082301_10201190325792872_757153440_o.jpg

Oh how happy SM was when she saw this boy! Here she is playing with Holt. She misses him. 

 photo 1147498_10201190325832873_1090276367_o.jpg

Here she is with her friend Audrey. We have had a picture of them together at each of their three tea parties. I love watching them grow up together. 

 photo 1146465_10201190328232933_1168829979_n.jpg

SM and Mrs. Rootbeer. I can't wait to hear the songs SM learns in her music class this year. She is a very special lady. 

 photo 463784_10201190325872874_1886665905_o.jpg

One last picture with Raggedy Ann and Andy. 

 photo 1150582_10201190326032878_1499561339_o.jpg

After her tea party we all went to lunch, then she and I came home and took a two hour nap. We are all so tired. We lost a very dear friend this week. I hope to someday soon write about him and our love for him. Right now, we are all still very grief-striken and so very tired. I hope we are all able to get a little rest this weekend. 

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Courtney said...

I cracked up when I read your comment about the gift. I just finished the gift for my nephews teacher. I always say they will earn that gift and more.