Aug 26, 2013

Lordy, Lordy, I Can Deny it, But I'm Still 40

So, last Friday I spent most of my day crying while curled up in a fetal position. It's how I always knew I'd celebrate turning 40.

I'm kidding. 

Only about the fetal position. The rest is true. I'm 40. And I cried about it a little. 

Sara Madalin and I spent the day at home. I cleaned and she made messes behind me. She also asked me once every hour, "Do you think the cookers will put whipped cream on your nose?" 

Think she's seen the birthday ritual at our local Mexican restaurant a few too many times?

We did go to eat at our regular Friday night hang-out. And they sang to me. I acted (for SM's sake) surprised. And thank goodness they didn't put any whipped cream on my nose. 

That was the extent of our celebration. We talked about having a few friends over for dinner and games. But our last few weeks have been so emotional and unpredictable, I just told Reagan we'd try to do something some other time. 

Saturday Reagan worked while I tried to rest some. When he got home Saturday night he grilled chicken. Then we all decided to take a little walk before it got dark. Sara Madalin chose to ride her 4-wheeler rather than walk. Reagan was really excited about her choice, especially when we were traveling uphill and she was having trouble keeping up. 

 photo Image3_zps308a8876.jpg

Bless him. 

As we were walking, I was turned around walking backwards while talking to Reagan. He said, "Look!" I did and nearly killed myself trying to get away from a little grass snake in the middle of the road. Lucky for me, that vicious thing was dead. 

 photo Image1_zpsd14aacbe.jpg

Reagan and Sara Madalin began to examine him. She wanted to hold it, of course. 

 photo Image_zps642a63dd.jpg

What she really wanted to do was squish it open and see what was inside. We told her no. We also told her to NEVER pick up a snake unless Daddy is around. 

Why? Cause Mommy is 40 now and her poor, OLD heart can only take so much fear and excitement. 

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