Sep 8, 2013

Balloon Swords, Pigtails, and Football Players

I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. Not necessarily because I had planned to take a break, but we've just been adjusting to the back-to-school schedule. It always takes us (me) a couple weeks to adjust to the activities we have each day. I think I'm finding a balance getting caught up on things. So, let's see what I can remember from the last couple weeks. 

There has been a little balloon sword fighting around here. I think this photo was taken the morning of Labor Day. Reagan had to work, but SM and I had the day off. After she defeated him in sword fighting, she and I watched TV until he came home. Then we went swimming at SueSue's.

 photo IMG_4524_zpsd8335fae.jpg

SM's teacher sent me this photo one day this past week. They were working on a math game. I asked SM to tell me about the game, but she said it was a secret. Ok then.

 photo IMG_4551_zpsf9b37145.jpg

She's had a really great start to Kindergarten. She is in one of only two half-day Kindergarten classes. She is in a class with some of the older 5-year-olds. She's also in a class with children she's never been with before. I don't know if those things have had an effect on her, but something is working. She's doing well for us at home. She minds better. She just seems more mature in many areas. It really makes all the difficult times and hard work of the last couple years seem worth it. 

While she's at school each day, I'm at the library, grocery store, church, or gym. We started our lunch-time boot camp back up this past week. My friend had me snap this picture of one day's workout. 

 photo IMG_4527_zps7d818757.jpg

That might not look like much, but we were soaking wet with sweat when we left that day. 

I took this next picture one morning as we left for school. I had her hair in pigtails. She was so cute. 

 photo IMG_4529_zps1696191f.jpg

When I picked her up that afternoon, she was playing with her friend Audrianna. She loves the new playground equipment and this little twirling thing is her favorite new activity. 

 photo IMG_4533_zpscc587ce1.jpg

Our ESL friend-to-friend ministry classes also started back this past week at church. I got to see my sweet international friends. This is them on the first day. I had them interview each other with a list of questions. Then they introduced their partner and told us what they had discovered about each other. This coming week we'll start working on some verb tenses, then prepositions. I hope to host them for lunch at my house one day before Christmas. I enjoy them so much. 

 photo IMG_4550_zpsdffdd415.jpg

As we've seen them do in the past couple years, the football team is helping the preschoolers out of their cars at drop-off on Friday mornings during football season. Can you tell how teased my girl was when the Raider (who's probably all of 15-years-old) helped her out of the car this past Friday morning?

 photo IMG_4565_zps17f84455.jpg

This past Saturday we (SM and I) spent time cleaning the house while Reagan went into the store for a little while. She helped me purge my closet. She wanted the clothes I cleaned out so that she could play dress up with them. I looked over at one point and she'd found one of my hair sport bands and she had it on her forehead. I love how confident she is with her own style. I hope that never changes. 

 photo IMG_4569_zpsa6076344.jpg

Those are just a few highlights from the past week or so. There's been more, but I'm getting so bad about forgetting to take pictures. I'm hoping to get better about that as the school year progresses. 

The only other thing that comes to mind from the past couple weeks, that I don't have photos to document but was quite memorable, is SM pulling out a human anatomy book during Sunday morning church and opening it to the pages showing the differences between boys and girls, if you know what I mean. Fold-out pages, mind you. If the images of naked people didn't get the attention of the people sitting around her, her folding out the three pages to show the full image probably did.

I was in choir loft, but Reagan said she pulled the book from her bag we bring with coloring books and such to keep her quiet during church. This particular morning I had also put a human body book in there for her to look at. I knew it had information about broken bones and how they heal. It teaches about how blood clots, which she loves to read about. What I didn't realize was that there was a page in the back with a cartoon drawing of a naked boy and girl. Not that there's anything wrong with her knowing about male/female anatomy. I've always taught her the proper terminology for body parts and tried to make the human body just a factual thing. I don't want her to be ashamed or afraid to talk to me about her body. However, my husband feels, and I now agree, a book with a diagram of two naked human bodies, in full-color, is probably not appropriate reading material for a 5-year-old during Sunday morning church. 

Yep, well, I guess that's about it from around here. If anything fun or exciting happens, I'll let y'all know. 

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Megan said...

First of all, the football players helping the preschoolers in the morning is the best idea ever! Secondly, the church ordeal is the best yet! My dad is a preacher, and I have oh so many embarrassing stories of us kids from our childhood. So church stories always tickle me! Love it!

Aja said...

HA! I love the church story. That so sounds like something that would happen in our family. That's one to remember forever!

Nicki Glenn said...

Bahahahahahaha!!!!!! Y'all are gonna get a reputation when SM starts telling people what their body parts are. And, now I know why you are in the choir.

And, FYI, that pack of tissues looked like a pack of cigarettes at first glance!