Sep 17, 2013

Hail State . . . only not really

Let me begin this post by stating that our family does not support or cheer for Mississippi State in any way. EVER. We are not fans. My husband is an Ole Miss graduate. That degree is what allows him to earn his Benjamins, and therefore, we are Ole Miss fans. 

Now. Today was Sara Madalin's teacher's birthday. She IS a State fan. I looked around Pinterest and found a simple little project I could do to make her something for her birthday. When I decided to do this project, I thought it would look really cute with State fabric. So, here's what I made her for her birthday.

I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby. I purchased an MDF letter for her last name. Then I purchased some fabric (less than 1/2 yard). I already had Modge Podge and sponge paint brushes. I also bought some wide gross grain ribbon for hanging the finished work.  

 photo Image6_zps4e54f469.jpg

The first thing I did was turn the letter over backwards. Then I traced it onto the BACK of the fabric. I cut the traced letter "S" out of the fabric. Next, I covered the MDF "S" with a light coat of Modge Podge using one of my foam brushes. Before the MP dried, I carefully placed the fabric over the letter. I started by lying it down at the top of the "S" and working my way down. The fabric was a little bigger than the letter. I had traced it that way because I'd rather have excess on the sides, that I have to trim, than not have enough fabric to cover the letter. After the fabric was on the letter, I smoothed it out and then covered it with another layer of MP. I allowed it to dry, then I flipped the letter over and trimmed the excess fabric from the edges with a razor blade. Then I again covered the fabric with a light coat of MP, making sure to cover the edges so the fabric would seal to the letter. It was glitter MP, cause we like sparkles in our house. The MP darkened the fabric slightly. I'm not sure if regular MP would have done the same. Finally, I flipped the completely dried letter over and stapled the ribbon to the back of the letter so that Mrs. S could hang it. 

 photo Image5_zps7c98a147.jpg

It was a very inexpensive and super easy project. I am certain I'll do more in the future. 

We had just finished up when Reagan came home. He saw the letter and the extra fabric on the kitchen counter. I told him we'd been working on a project for SM's teacher. He said, "Well all I want to know is why is there Mississippi State fabric in this house?"

Hotty Toddy, y'all. 

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Anonymous said...

Totally cute. These would make GREAT Christmas gifts!

Amanda said...

Oh I have some fabric left over from making a Falcons wreath and need something to put in the middle of it, and I think I just found what I'm doing :) That is so cute!!