Sep 9, 2013

We're All in the Mood for a Melody...

Sara Madalin had her very first piano lesson this afternoon. I'd been told last year sometime that playing the piano helps increase concentration and attention span. But everywhere I checked for lessons I was told that she was too young. So, I decided to wait until this Fall to find her a teacher. I didn't want to pay a ton of money for lessons, cause you just never know what you're going to get with this girl. She loves music. Her favorite thing at school is music class. She loves to change her CDs in her room and sing and dance. She always asks for me to play music on the way to school in the mornings. I felt like she'd enjoy learning to play an instrument. But again, I can't be sure and I didn't want to pay an extreme amount, or commit to a full year of lessons, until I knew she really wanted to do this. 

So, I asked around and a friend from college told me that her sister, who lives close to SM's school, gives lessons in her home. I thought that would be great. So, I talked to her and we agreed that SM would begin this afternoon. 

She did pretty good. At first she just wanted to bang on all the keys. Well, more than just at first. Pretty much any time she could get away with it, she wanted to bang the keys. Her teacher taught her pretty early in the lesson to "hide your hands" when the teacher is talking. They talked about her fingers and how each finger was a number in the diagrams in her book. She played a few black keys with both fingers. She also learned the difference between a quarter note and a half note. They clapped the notes then played them. I enjoyed watching her. In the future, I'll drop her off for the lesson and probably run to the grocery store. But today I got to watch and take a few pictures and a very short video. 

 photo IMG_4583_zpsac8cef55.jpg
I can't wait to see and hear what she learns. When we left I asked her if she liked it. She said, "No, not particularly." 

Too bad, Chicken. This is one activity that I'll override her on. She decided not to take dance anymore, and I was ok with that, even though I would love to see her dance. She's telling me that she's not that interested in gymnastics anymore. If she doesn't like it at the end of this year (which we've already paid for), then I won't force her to continue. But I will insist she learns an instrument, even if I have to fight her for it. 

(Actually, I don't think that she didn't like the lesson or playing the piano. I told Reagan I think she just didn't like not getting to bang on the keys as much as she wanted.)

This morning she decided she wanted to wear her headband to school. I laugh every time I look at her wearing it. 

 photo IMG_4574_zps434a02df.jpg

She also decided she didn't want to talk on the way to school. She told me as we pulled out of the drive, "Mommy, I just want a little peace and quiet this morning." 

And she got it. 

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