Oct 7, 2013

Celebration 2013

Each Fall the various women's groups in our church have a luncheon to celebrate the work each group does in support of local and foreign missions. Each group has an opportunity to decorate and host a table. We share lunch and listen to a guest speaker. This year our speaker is a former prisoner from Arkansas. She shared her testimony and how God has used her circumstances to minister to so many in the prison system.

Here are a few of the tables I took photos of from the day.

This table was hosted by our International Friend-to-Friend Ministry. (These are the ladies that I share my Thursday mornings with as I try to teach them a little English, as they try to understand my Southern drawl.)

 photo IMG_6472_zpsd562ae0e.jpg

Here I am with a few of the ladies from Thursday's classes. These ladies are not in my class, but they are precious, faithful members of our international ministry. The lady standing next to me is from Russia and is married to the Chinese pastor to the church our church hosts on Sundays in our chapel. They are a very multi-cultural family.

 photo IMG_6511_zps8aca75e5.jpg

This is a table decorated to represent African missions.

 photo IMG_6473_zpscfa02c5d.jpg

This table represents our student ministry. It was decorated by Mallory who is married to our nephew, Mitch. She also happens to be the associate student minister at our church.

 photo IMG_6485_zpscdf20d59.jpg

This is the table for the consignment sale team that I'm blessed to be part of, Little Feet Consignment Sale. (Check us out at www.littlefeetconsignment.org.) I had the privilege of helping decorate this table and we were all pleased with how it turned out.

 photo IMG_6491_zps5b5a1f69.jpg

We used the smocks that we wear during the sale. They served as great chair covers, as well as a way to show which ministry the table represented. They were also what I used to determine our color scheme.

We used a lot of crystal. I think it is elegant and works well with so much.

 photo IMG_6492_zps88bf4245.jpg

I found a photo of an arrangement I liked on Pinterest. I asked the ladies on our team if anyone would like to take a shot at recreating it. One of the precious team members said she'd do it, and I think it turned out fabulous. I love the hydrangeas.

 photo IMG_6493_zps59b6ce86.jpg

Our Executive Pastor and his wife hosted us for dinner a couple weeks after our last sale. She served us a delicious meal on these plates with scripture on them. We all loved the plates and asked if we could use them for our Celebration table. She was so sweet to let us use them. And the black and white looked great with the green we used.

 photo IMG_6494_zps5e893143.jpg

 photo IMG_6495_zps8451a172.jpg

Here's another picture of the centerpiece. I just loved it.

 photo IMG_6503_zps0ee95157.jpg

Here's the team members who attended the luncheon right before our meal.

 photo IMG_6523_zps9a06771f.jpg

I snatched this next photo from my friend (Kandy's) Facebook. The men of our church serve us during the luncheon. We are so blessed. 

 photo 8451_752101258138691_957849112_n_zps366b917e.jpg

And here I am with a precious group of women that I adore. I wish our whole team could have been there. (One other team member, Mallory, was there, but was not near our table when we took this picture.) I am so thankful that God allows me to know these ladies and serve with them through this ministry that is able to give money to various foreign and local mission projects. 

 photo IMG_6532_zps6a1012db.jpg

I always enjoy events like this. I look forward to next Fall and another Celebration. 

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