Oct 17, 2013

Mitchell Farm Pumpkin Patch 2013

This past weekend we traveled South to a pumpkin patch we like to visit each year. When we first arrived I made SM pose for a few pictures for me before she got too hot or dirty. 

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 photo IMG_6665_zpsda0f9176.jpg

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Our friend Jana traveled down with us. She reminded me that this time last year, we weren't headed to a  pumpkin patch, but to Disney. Oh how we miss Disney. 

 photo IMG_6706_zpsbd6603ab.jpg

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After several pictures and a ride on the train, I changed SM into shorts and a tank top and let her play. She enjoyed a rope swing that was set up near two very tall hills of sand. 

 photo IMG_6783_zpsdc6364ed.jpg

She also got in trouble for kicking sand and had to spend a few minutes in time out on the bench with us. She wasn't happy about that, as you can see. 

 photo IMG_6800_zps6d6d156d.jpg

She enjoyed the slide again as she did last year. 

 photo IMG_6806_zps9285cabf.jpg

 photo IMG_6813_zps2a2a276c.jpg

But her most favorite thing was a jumping pillow that was new to the farm this year. She loved it. And this next picture of her is probably my favorite of the day. She looks ecstatic. 

 photo IMG_6823_zps4fc49615.jpg

We had a good afternoon and SM enjoyed herself. Tomorrow her class has a field trip to another pumpkin patch. I can't wait to see how different it is and how much they enjoy things. 

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I love the last picture, too! :)