Feb 4, 2014

Lil Accents

A few weeks ago, Sara Madalin participated in a performance with other Kindergarten and First Grade girls during one of the Friday night girls' basketball games. They performed as Lil Accents, the mini version of the high school dance team. They practiced with some of the older Accents the Accent sponsor, Mrs. Ramsey. 

 photo IMG_7565_zps114d8ebd.jpg

Sara Madalin's Big Accent was Miss Abby. 

 photo IMG_7566_zps6b44d35d.jpg

The girls practiced for a couple afternoons during the week before performing that Friday night. After I dropped her off with the other girls, we walked over to the gym to await half-time. While we waited, and watched the game, we noticed Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bobbye sitting on the other side with their daughter and son-in-law. Reagan walked over to talk to them for a few minutes before the little girls performed. 

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Of course, since it was a girls' game, we got to see Jan. Reagan says she was the second best part of the show that night, after SM and her friends, of course. 

 photo IMG_7570_zps6a0351e2.jpg

Here are the girls marching out onto the court to perform. You'd think they did this every week. They were so excited and confident. I don't recall seeing any of them acting shy or intimidated by a gym full of people watching them.

 photo IMG_7581_zps286198ea.jpg

Posing at the beginning of their performance. 

 photo IMG_7588_zps78af9c5c.jpg

She's got moves y'all. 

 photo IMG_7592_zps485d29a0.jpg

Doing their famous high kicks. 

 photo IMG_7596_zps81fcba13.jpg

 photo IMG_7598_zps265a7f2b.jpg

The big finish. 

 photo IMG_7603_zps357342f4.jpg

Marching off the court. 

 photo IMG_7605_zps0d1faddc.jpg

They all did such a great job. I was very proud of Sara Madalin. She continues to amaze us this year. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the coming year. 

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Courtney said...

She looks adorable in her outfit. Looks like she really enjoyed doing this.

Marianne said...

Just a normally silent reader but I Sure do miss you and your sweet girl!