May 22, 2014

Buttercup Brown

So, we have a relatively new member to our family. Her name is Buttercup Brown.

Let me back up a bit and tell you how she became a part of our family. 

A few months ago, Mrs. Ann (BB) sent Reagan a link to an upcoming event in our area. The event was called ReptiCon. It was a reptile convention for locals interested in that type of thing.

Clearly, we fall into that category.

So, Reagan did a little investigating and decided to buy us tickets. Funny thing though, he conveniently had to work that day. So, that's how I ended up taking my (then) five-year-old daughter to a reptile convention one warm, sunny Saturday morning.

Before we went into the building where the convention was being held, if told SM we were not buying any animals.

There were several vendors selling all kinds of snakes and lizards. There was also a vendor selling crickets and meal worms that could be fed to those wizards and snakes. We walked around and looked at everything, and she touched everything I would allow her to. She kept coming back to a table where little baby bearded dragons were being sold. We had already talked about getting one. We've been told they are relatively docile and don't try to escape. They aren't aggressive and are pretty easy to care for. But all we'd done is talk. 

They were cute, I'll admit. For lizards anyway.  She kept going back to them. She of course asked for one. I called Reagan and asked what he thought. He said she'd be over it in a few weeks. We talked with the breeder who was selling them. He gave me a lot of information and told me to go to PetSmart and see what all it would take to care for them, talk to my husband, and come back if we were interested. 

We walked around the convention a little more. SM held a few snakes. She made a few (strange) friends. It was a lovely morning.

We made a trip to PetSmart and I talked to Reagan a little more.  He wasn't exactly on board with the idea of owning a lizard. He said he wasn't going to be the one to care for it. If we got one, it would be mine and SM's responsibility.

So we bought a girl. 

Sara Madalin named her Buttercup Brown. Why she chose that name I do not know. But it suits her.

We brought her home and set up her habitat. She lives in a 30 gallon aquarium in SM's room. The aquarium has a screen top that is held in place with two pins. But even without those, she's too small to climb up and get out. We put a heat lamp and a UVB lamp on top of the screen. They are both on timers and are on 12 hours a day, and off 12 hours.  As soon as they go off, she goes to a cool spot and goes to sleep. We keep a bowl of water in there and she has a rock dwelling to climb on top of or go into to cool off.  She has a log that she likes to climb on top of and look around.

I feed her romaine lettuce, carrots, grapes, and green beans cut up very tiny every day. She also eats crickets every day. LOTS of crickets. She gets a Superworm a couple times a week as a treat. I was giving her one a day at first and she quickly began to ignore all other food and hold out for the worms. So now I only give them as treats. She eats very well for me. 

She has shed once so far but I think she's about to shed again.  She's grown a bit in the past week, so I'm sure shedding will happen soon.

I clean her habitat out once a week and usually bathe her at the same time. I bought some cleaner at PetSmart. She doesn't care for a bath. But she starts smelling after a few days without one. 

We take her out at least once a day. SM is a little more aggressive and intense with her attention and love. She likes to put Buttercup on her arm and dance around. Buttercup doesn't care for dancing so much. Once SM finishes giving her a little attention, I try to hold her and give her a little calm.  I have to admit, she's a little spoiled. 

I told my FB friends that I don't know what I'll do when she's as long as my arm and wants to hide under my shirt like that. She likes to climb up my shoulder and either hide in my hair if it's down, or she tries to get under my shirt collar.  She likes to have her head right under my chin, I guess for warmth. 

Today, SM and I spent some time out at the lake. SM was swimming and I was just sitting out here enjoying the sunshine and watching her. I went in and got Buttercup and let her come out with us.  She found a nice little place to sun and that's where she stayed for the next hour and a half. 

So, she's a part of our family now. And as I said, she's very spoiled. Just like me and that other girl who lives here.

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