May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Saturday afternoon we went to Susan's for lunch to find out the gender of Mandy's baby. Buttercup went along for her first family gathering. These girls enjoyed holding her. But not as much as they enjoyed swimming.

Mandy is having a baby boy, by the way. We are all pretty excited about the addition of a new little one. We all wore the color symbolizing the gender we guessed the baby to be. SM wore pink. When we found out it was aboy, she was not happy. At all. Reagan said he thinks it was because she thought it was a game and she lost. She does not like to lose or be wrong.

Sara Madalin spent the night with Susan and Reagan and I went out on an adults only date with our friends, David and Regina. We had a great night of fellowship and laughter. We will miss them when they head back to Guatemala at the end of June.

Sunday after church and lunch we went back to Susan's for a little more swimming.

Monday Reagan had to work for a few hours. SM and I slept in until about 8:30. When Reagan got home they spent a little time out in the lake while I cleaned then rested a little. 

We had a nice, relaxing holiday weekend. Now we are ready for Summer fun to begin.

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