May 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014 - Chattanooga, TN

This year for Spring Break we took a road trip to Chattanooga, TN. I thought Sara Madalin would like to see the mountains. Turns out she wasn't that interested. But we enjoyed the time away for a few days. 

We arrived at our hotel late the first night of our trip. Our girl had spent quite a bit of time buckled in the car, so she was ready to get in our room and get settled once we arrived. 

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The next morning we got up bright and early and went to see Ruby Falls. 

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Sara Madalin enjoyed seeing the rocks and formations in the caves. And she had a million questions to ask, which was no surprise. Here she is in front of the fall. 

 photo 1920057_10202713451190055_1577209105_n_zps8abc7ac2.jpg

We went to the Aquarium and the Children's Museum. She really enjoyed both of those. We also took the DUCK Tour. She told us it was kind of boring. But she got a noise maker out of the deal, so it ended up being a "win" for her. 

 photo 1530546_10202714421054301_1805041366_n_zps96cf5d70.jpg

She also got to help drive the vehicle once we were in the water. She thought that was pretty fun. 

 photo 1779054_10202718774003122_763210015_n_zps49d2cbb3.jpg

Out of all the beautiful things to see, and all the tourist attractions, her favorite thing about Chattanooga was the Jump Zone we visited. It was unbelievable. Wall-to-wall trampolines. You pay an hourly fee to jump all you want. We arrived at 4 and they were booked until 6. We bought tickets and came back. Each hour the place was completely packed. Reagan said he needs to find an empty warehouse in the Jackson area and start one of these. SM had a blast and wanted to go back the next day. 

 photo 1157577_10202718775803167_1705655557_n_zps76d1b3a8.jpg

Our final morning in Chattanooga we visited Rock City. It was St. Patrick's Day weekend and they had several fun things going on for the weekend. One thing that I remember about our day there was that someone was creating balloon animals. We never came upon the booth or person where they were being created. Sara Madalin kept asking for one and wanted one so bad, but I couldn't find where everyone was getting them. Just as we were about to exit the park, she began to get upset about not having a balloon. She got so loud, and began to get so upset with me that a complete stranger came over and offered us her balloon that she had gotten. I was so embarrassed. But, Sara Madalin got a balloon. 

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 photo 1509928_10202719181213302_561765201_n_zps74959411.jpg

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As I said, we enjoyed our time away. It was a beautiful time of the year. 

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