May 18, 2014

Weird Science

Saturday morning we celebrated Sara Madalin's upcoming 6th birthday with a science party and her friends. I reserved a dining room at our church activities building and my friend Jana and I starting decorating and setting up early that morning. 

As I said, the theme for the party was science. I made a sign welcoming guests to Sara Madalin's lab. The kids liked that they had to "scan" their hand to enter.

 photo 10299183_10203212262340022_2467998193399033528_n_zps52ef3796.jpg

As the guests entered, I had a table set up with disposable lab coats for each of them. They also had a name badge, a pair of goggles, a lab notebook and a pencil. After gathering their supplies, they had instructions in their lab notebook to visit each of four science stations I had set up. The first station was a table with a microscope and slides. They were to look at several slides, then draw a picture of an earthworm as seen under the microscope. The second station was about the Periodic Table of Elements with examples of things such as Aluminum, Copper, Gold, and Silver. The third station contained magnets and had magnetic and non-magnetic pieces scattered around the table. The final station had three sets of animal life stages with the pieces of the stages that the "scientists" were to put in order.

 photo 10372583_10203212264860085_3849274627495848459_n_zps30fb3ad5.jpg

 photo 1507158_10203212286780633_3482580514913633779_n_zps986adc20.jpg

 photo 1012867_10203212287820659_3290561647571325801_n_zps04c1bbc8.jpg

All of those stations were set up to give the children something to do as we waited for most everyone to arrive. Once it appeared most everyone was there, we all gathered around two long tables I had set up. On the tables were supplies for the children to conduct a couple of very simple experiments. 

 photo 10330244_10203212272460275_1955485892509665498_n_zps6017d9b3.jpg

We made Gak with glue, water, food coloring, and Borax. 

 photo 10338287_10203212324501576_3825057725082323670_n_zps0a8a519a.jpg

We also made snow with a mix I had bought. We simply added water to the bag of snow. 

 photo 10311734_10203212312541277_944226499205153698_n_zps921010b8.jpg

The children were allowed to take home the products of their experiments as part of their favor bags. 

Here are all the little scientists at the party. They were the cutest things. 

 photo 10376327_10203212310301221_2798032408175683704_n_zpscc645b66.jpg

Once we finished our activities inside, we walked outside for one last experiment - Mentos and Diet Coke. 

 photo 10378133_10203212343622054_7334406958218333764_n_zps3678faac.jpg

 photo 10303784_10203212347062140_3623118303392073394_n_zpsa6d87ef3.jpg

 photo 10351448_10203212350582228_8849824933698297117_n_zps5dc22959.jpg

 photo 10288738_10203212352822284_645844051629794260_n_zps9bb2db3a.jpg

Finally, we went inside and sang to the birthday girl and had cake.

Here SM is with one of her favorites, Shelby. 

 photo 10378008_10203212423784058_4877124210394253928_n_zps69ff0f6a.jpg

These two. They are a mess. 

 photo 10151132_10203212432624279_1343479361316390085_n_zpsac3e2849.jpg

 photo 10308109_10203212410463725_8457361096968704344_n_zps555a8ac3.jpg

 I cannot believe that my baby girl will be 6-years-old in a few days. She's such a special girl and I am so excited to see what God does with her sweet life. 

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Marianne said...

What a cool birthday party! SM is a beautiful child!