Jul 5, 2014

Independence Day 2014

We had a pretty low key Indepence Day. We slept as late as SM would allow, then began preparing for Reagan's dad to come over for lunch. Reagan grilled steaks and I made a few sides. While we were cooking, SM spent a little time outside playing. I took a few quick pictures of her before Mr. Brown showed up.

She loves those pink sparkly boots. I bought them last August at our church's consignment sale. Luckily they were too big and she's getting lots of wear out of them. She doesn't care which colors she's wearing, she thinks those boots match. I'll probably keep them in a box to show her children after she outgrows them. 

After lunch, SM swam for an hour or so then we went over to B.B.'s for ice cream and more playing. Here's our girl with Anna Grace and Lily. 

Here are two of the funniest girls I know. 

We stayed at B.B.'s until dinner, then headed out to get fireworks. We went home and ate BLTs and sandwiches. Reagan had left bread cooking in the bread maker before we left, so it was fresh and warm when we got home. He also had fresh tomatoes from our garden. 

After dinner, we went outside and shot fireworks until around 9:00. Once that was over, we all came in and got baths and went to bed. It was a great summer day spent with family. 

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