Oct 21, 2014

MS State Fair 2014

The State Fair comes to town every October. We planned to take SM the first weekend of the Fair but her behavior caused us to rethink that. So, the second weekend of the Fair we decided to go play.

She has a closet full of sweet, cute clothes. I wanted to dress her in something really cute and take my good camera with us and take some pictures of her. She had something else in mind. I said, "Please let me dress you cute so that I can take pictures." She said, "I don't want to dress cute. I want to dress like me." And so she did. 

Cousin Daphney was at SueSue's for the weekend, so we picked her up to go with us. She's not quite as much of a daredevil as our SM. But she did come out of her comfort zone a little. It was hot, but I think they had a great time. 

One of our favorite things about the Fair is the food. We rode a few rides, then the girls wanted a snack. Our first stop was for funnel cakes. SM couldn't even wait for a picture before having a bite. 

After funnel cakes we had corn dogs and chicken-on-a-stick. Then we visited the petting zoo. Well, SM and Reagan visited the petting zoo. Daphney and I sat. And we were both perfectly ok with that. 

The girls both decided they were up to riding the next ride. It is like Tower of Terror on a much smaller scale. SM loves it. Daphney tolerated it. 

Before we left, we had to visit with Mr. Percy and his exotic animals. This next picture cracks me up. Daphney didn't want to touch the snake, but she was cheesin' for the photo. 

The girls and Reagan ended the morning with Coke Icees. Then we headed to SueSue's for a little while before heading home to watch a little football. 
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