Oct 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Sometimes I think we are making headway as parents, and figuring out a few things, and even maybe, we're doing a pretty good job for a few days with our little girl. Then, we have days like Saturday and I realize, I'm clueless. 

After my sister and niece left Saturday morning, Reagan, SM, and I headed to the pumpkin patch we usually visit this time of year. We arrived a little after lunch. It was hot and I could tell SM wasn't feeling herself. But I thought it was just the heat and maybe that she was tired from having her cousin with her for the past few days. We started making our rounds to all the usual spots she likes to visit while at this farm. 

We made it to the jumper that she enjoys so much. It's basically a jump house without walls or a top. Last year she jumped for a long time on this. On Saturday, she walked around on it a minute or two, jumped a couple times then sat down. 

Normally, we visit the pumpkin area first, I get a few pictures, then we change her clothes and let her play. On this particular day, she was so whiney. She said she didn't want to go do anything except maybe play a little. So, I changed her clothes, with her whining almost the entire time, and let her play. She milked the cows first. 

We then went to the little barn and looked as some of the animals. 

Next, she wanted something to eat. And the choices - oh, so healthy.

Reagan got her an ear of corn. She ate it like it was her job. 

Next, she rode the train.

Then we had some funnel cake. She seemed to be feeling a little better and enjoying herself more. She walked around looking for a pumpkin so that we could head home. I have never met anyone, other than her daddy, that takes so long to pick out one item. 

Finally, she found the pumpkin that satisfied her. We picked it up and headed home. 

We had about an hour or so drive home. She slept almost the entire ride. She seemed out of things when we got home, and she continued to be so whiney. So, we checked her temperature and she was running fever. I felt so terrible that we had dragged her around a pumpkin patch all day even when she felt so bad. We gave her some children's Motrin and she began to feel a little better. 

I kept her home Sunday morning, although I hated for us to miss church. Reagan came home after lunch and we all laid on the couches to watch TV. It wasn't long before Reagan was asleep. Then, a little while later, I looked over and SM was asleep. She slept for almost 3 hours.

She has felt better after resting so much and having some medicine. She normally has a bout with sinus problems and congestion once or twice a year. We're thinking that's what it is. I'm sure she'll be back to her normal, active self by the weekend. 
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