Oct 15, 2014

The New School Year

So, my husband has been on me for some time to pick up blogging again. He says I'll look back one day and wish I had continued for SM. She already likes to look at older posts of when she was a baby, and he thinks that as she gets older, she'll enjoy it more and more. He also thinks that there are so many things going on in her life now, that I'll be happy to know I didn't miss recording them. 

I hate it when he's right.

I'll try to do a few summary posts and then also begin a new rhythm of blogging again. When we left off, I think we had just celebrated Independence Day. Wow. Since then we vacationed at Disney. That is a blog post ALL. ITS. OWN. I'll just give a foreshadowing statement to hold you until I have time to recap that week. Disney is not always the happiest place on earth. Especially when you have a hot, hungry 6-year-old. So, for now, let me post a few things from our recent past.

Let's see, our girl started First Grade.

Can you even believe that? It has been an adjustment. That "adjustment" has just added to my not really being up to blogging. By the time homework is done each evening, dinner is prepared and eaten, stories are read, and she is asleep, I just want to sleep. But we are making progress and she is doing really great. 

We met her teacher the week before school started. She then attended a swimming party for the whole first grade before each student went to meet the teacher. She had a ball. 

One thing hasn't changed since I last blogged - that girl has NO FEAR.

After changing I accompanied her to school where she got to meet Mrs. Fioretti, or Mrs. Fio, as the children call her. Sara Madalin was on her very best 1st grade behavior and made a great first impressions. Never mind the emails I've gotten since this day. (Ahem.)

First grade is different, y'all. It's not all songs and play time. It's a lot of work. There are spelling tests each week. Special classes such as Spanish and STEM lab. She has to listen to her teacher and write what her teacher says during dictation time, or "dictashun" as SM still writes it. But we are getting there. Her reading has greatly improved since the beginning of the year. And she loves her friends. One thing I love about the school she attends is that there are some really sweet kids there. 

She's lost two teeth since beginning first grade.  I have photos and if I can find them I'll post them. We didn't even know her teeth were so loose until one night after Reagan came home she came to us and said her teeth were loose. I grabbed a paper towel and felt it a little. Then I just pulled that thing out before she even realized it. She was so proud. And it just happened to be the day before school pictures, so she got to show it off in her yearbook photo. 

Losing a tooth did open up a discussion I wasn't ready to have. With a child like her, it's difficult to deceive her in many areas. As we began to prepare for bed the night she lost her first tooth she asked if the tooth fairy was real. I can't remember how, but either Reagan or I one quickly steered the conversation to something else and she left the conversation alone. But then, last night we were reading one of her Junie B. Jones books and Junie B. was talking about the truth about the tooth fairy. We were lying in SM's bed and she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I know the truth about the tooth fairy." I said, "You do?" SM: "Yes. She's not real. I don't believe in fairies." I said, "Did someone tell you that?" SM: "No, I just know they aren't real. It's you who puts the money under my pillow. But how do you do it without me knowing?"

That girl. 

In addition to SM beginning a new school year, I did too. A week after SM began school, I was volunteering at our church's semi-annual children's consignment sale. One of my former professors from Mississippi College was there shopping for his grandchildren. I said hello and spoke to him for a minute. The next week, he called me and asked if I'd be interested in teaching a 200 or 300 level Communication course. Since SM is in school all day every day, I had the time. So, I said yes. Originally, I was going to teach professional communication two days a week. Instead, because the Public Speaking class was so large, he asked me to switch to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It's only one class but I am enjoying it so much. It gives me something to do and look forward to, and I love teaching at that level. Being an adjunct, I don't have a campus office, so this is what my front seat often looks like. 

And I was so excited when I got my name badge that I sent Reagan this picture. 

My teaching at a senior college level is just as much a result of his patience and hard work as mine. He encouraged me and supported me throughout all those years I pursued a graduate degree.

For now, that's about all I have time to share. I hope to post about our weekend at the beach with Reagan's college roommates, as well as a few other highlights from the past few months soon. Maybe there are still 2 or 3 people out there who still read our blog. If not, at least I'll have made my husband and daughter happy by blogging again. 

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