Oct 16, 2014

The Serpentarium

After we finished our visit to Disney in late July, we checked out of our "fancy-smancy" hotel and traveled to nearby DeLand to spend some time with our friends, The Glenns.

We arrived just in time for lunch. Nicki did not disappoint. She pulled out all the stops in preparing our welcome meal. When I grow up, I hope I can be as much of a domestic goddess as her. 

After lunch we headed to the BIG surprise we had kept from SM our whole entire trip. We went to the Serpentarium to watch a real, live venom extraction. It was better than Disney for SM.

Before the venomous snakes made their debut, the handlers brought out a few non-venomous snakes for those who chose to do so, to hold. This girl would have taken out anyone who got in front of her to hold one of those snakes. 

After a few minutes of snake handling by the kiddies, the trained handlers went to an enclosed room, with a viewing window for us, and they began to take out venomous snakes, one by one, and extract venom from them. 

This next photo was taken as the handler dropped a king cobra as he was removing it from its box. 

After all the snakes and venom, we went outside to explore the nature trail. These three make me so happy.

Thanks to Nicki for the idea and for taking all these pictures for me. SM had a blast. 

We spent the night with the Glenns. We always have a blast with them. We woke early the next morning to travel to the airport to catch our flight home. Sara Madalin DID NOT want to leave. She would have been happy having spent the entire week there playing with Jonah and Micah. We just don't get to see them often enough. 
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