Nov 18, 2014

Fall Photos 2014

A few weeks ago we met a photographer friend of mine from church and she shot our Fall family photos. Earlier this week I downloaded a few of the edited images. I love this one of Reagan and SM. He loves that girl. 

Me and my girl, on a good day. Ha. 

We were laughing in the next photo because SM had just squeezed my neck really tight, so I told Reagan not to squeeze like her. 

I'm so thankful, through everything, for this family that God has given me. We are just praying for some wisdom as we raise this girl. She's one of a kind. No doubt. 

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Laura said...

Hi! It's been a while since I popped in but WOW! SM has really GROWN!! She's a beautiful little girl!! Your Fall pictures are so frame worthy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Penny said...

Haven't commented in a while, but read each post. Sara Madalin is getting so big and growny looking! Seems like not long ago, I watched her birth video...maybe over and over. I love the couple picture. You both look so happy and relaxed. Love the mommy and me and daddy and me pics, too. She gets prettier all the time and the hair is still gorgeous! I will always envy that girl's curls! Lol. :)