Dec 14, 2014

Christmas Season 2014

We have been full of activity this month in preparation of the Christmas season. And on top of all the activity, this girl decided NOW would be a good time to start getting up every hour to hour and a half during the night EVERY night. 

There was about a 3 week stretch when I got less than 3 hours of sleep a night. She was never like that, even as a newborn. We think we are getting back on track, but we've all been exhausted at our house. Exhausted, but still pretty, as you can see. 

We also ran into the Big Guy one afternoon while out doing a little shopping. 

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, the only thing she asked for was a Lalaloopsy Easy Baking Oven. Later, as she and I were talking about it, she said, "Momma, you know they come with brownies." 

For those not in the know, we don't allow SM a lot of chocolate. It causes her to lose her ever-loving mind. Which in turn, causes me to lose mine. So, basically, she doesn't want the oven so much as she wants the ability to bake her own cakes and brownies. 

We have a couple more parties this week, a family Christmas weekend, and a SUPER fun surprise planned for Christmas Eve. And hopefully, somewhere in there, a little sleep. 


bella said...

She really is a beautiful girl! You are blessed!

Megan said...

It's been a while since I've checked in, but oh how much she has grown! Pretty girl!