Dec 14, 2014

First Grade Thanksgiving Feast

At Sara Madalin's school there are several traditions that the students look forward to in each grade. One thing that is tradition for First Graders is the Annual Thanksgiving Feast. The children and their teachers dress as native Americans or pilgrims for the day and they enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. Each class has their own table set up in the courtyard and parents from each class decorate and bring food. It's a great time to share together and the kids look forward to it in the weeks leading up to the feast. Here are some of the pictures from that day a few weeks ago. 

This is Sara Madalin with with her First Grade teacher. We have loved her so much this year. She has helped Sara Madalin tremendously as she adjusts to being a big kid with big kid responsibilities. 

Here we are with our First Grader. 

Sara Madalin's class.

Here she is with two of her friends, Mia and Abby.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with Sara Madalin and her classmates. I'm so grateful for all that her teachers and the administrators of her school do to make school so memorable for the students there. And I love seeing SM in her every day setting, with the people that she loves. 
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