Oct 24, 2015

December 2014

I have missed blogging. Life just seemed to take away most of my free time since I last sat down to blog.  Reagan has reminded me again and again this year how much I was missing by not recording our life during this past year. My plan is to try to recap each month and then be more consistent going forward with my blogging. Sara Madalin does enjoy looking back at the photos and I know she'll want to read about our lives as she grows older.

So, back to December 2014.

Sara Madalin's class had a Grinch party right before they got out for Christmas break. They had green punch, green grapes, and all dressed in green. They were a class that loved a good party. 

Here I am with my little first grader at her class Christmas party. She had a mouth full of cookie. 

Sara Madalin had the best first grade teacher in the world. She helped our girl come a long way with reading, behavior, and discipline. 

During the first week of Christmas Break, Sara Madalin invited her friend, Abbi, to come over and play. They dressed up and played in the playroom for most of the day. They also painted a Christmas painting using their fingerprints. It turned out so cute. 

We continued our Christmas tradition of wearing matching family PJs. This was right before we went to bed Christmas Eve. 

This photo was taken about mid-day Christmas Day. It was only then that I realized "Santa" had forgotten to deliver SM's painting easel.  Luckily, we found it in the bushes where he had dropped it. 

After a bit of Monkey Bread, a some TV, she and finished celebrating the day with a nap on the couch. And that was a very Merry Christmas. 

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