Oct 24, 2015

January 2015

We decided to start our new year off right, with my husband breaking his finger just 3 days into 2015. 

He was at work. He was facing the computer and turned around quickly to grab a basket holding a prescription so that he could check it. He caught the tip of his ring finger on the counter and dislocated his finger. He thought he had initially broken it. Luckily, he thought quickly enough and removed his ring as soon as it happened. His finger began to swell very quickly. He's still not able to wear his wedding ring because the knuckle is bigger than before the accident. 

The sweet little technician that called me after the accident nearly gave me a heart attack. She said, after I answered my phone, "Mrs. Malinda, we're going to need you to come get Mr. Reagan." Imagine the thoughts that raced through my head in just the few seconds between that statement and her telling me he had hurt his finger. I went and picked him up and took him to the after-hours clinic. He was given a shot in the knuckle area and the doctor moved the finger back into place. 

Sara Madalin has started spending a little time at the store on Saturday afternoons. Reagan has her clean shelves and keyboards. He also makes her refill the drawers that hold medicine bottles. he usually gives her $10. He gives it to her in ones, so that she can learn to tithe. The picture on the right above is her on the first day she tithed.

Spring choir began for elementary kids at church on Wednesday nights in January. Throughout the Spring, they dressed to celebrate different decades. She's a flapper in the picture above, and dressed for the 80's in the picture below. 

First grade was her last year to be a Lil Accent. They learned a dance to a song that they performed during half-time of one of the home basketball games. She looked so grown up that night. 

Performing with her friends. 

Posing with her friend, Abbi.

Her sweet school, church, and Camp-What-A-Family friend, Audrey. 

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