Oct 29, 2015

July 2015

July was HOT in MS. We went swimming quite a bit, and stayed in the air conditioning if we weren't swimming. A few days before Independence Day I took Sara Madalin to the downtown area in the small town to walk around and maybe take a few pictures. There was an old house that she wanted to look inside, so we did. 

On July 4th we went to swim at SueSue's. We took a few pictures before we headed that way. 

We took Sara Madalin and Daphney to see Inside Out one afternoon after church. 

Another Sunday, we met Granny and Gramps for lunch. It happened to be their anniversary. 

With school starting soon, we also did a little shopping during July. It was so hot outside, but Sara Madalin always insisted on wearing her boots. 

In July, I also worked with several of my Junior Leagues colleagues at a summer reading camp. We read with children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd. Along with reading, we also lead them in crafts and songs each day. I asked some of the children if they had heard of Fancy Nancy. Many said they had not. So, I decided one day during the week to dress as Fancy Nancy. They thought it was funny to see me dressed up that way. We had a fun two weeks with them. 

Sara Madalin asked if we could make one last trip to the children's museum before school started. So, we decided one Friday to go there for awhile before we ran errands in Jackson. 

There was a Sid, the Science Kid exhibit. She was able to play and dress up and take a picture with Teacher Suzie. 

Girl can sleep in the car. I wish I had someone to drive me everywhere while I napped. 

She likes to eat at a particular Mexican restaurant while we were in Jackson. She always orders a taco salad without the salad. Just the fried tortilla bowl. 

Another day of errands and shopping. She's my little movie star. 

Just like her momma, she likes a pedicure. 

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