Oct 26, 2015

June 2015 - VBS and Camp

The first weekend of June we traveled to north MS for cousin Amandah's birthday party. The girls woke at 8 a.m. that Saturday, and played in the water and the pool until right before we left around 1 p.m. It was a nice, quiet ride home for me.

My sister didn't think I could get them both to sleep in the same bed.  She was wrong.

Sunday morning I made sure they had their pretty dresses and BIG bows on and we headed to church. 

VBS started at our church that Monday. These girls were super excited. 

Uncle Reagan/Daddy made it home in time that Monday night to build a fire for us (in the 90 degree weather) so we could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. 

And again, I won at bedtime.

VBS week continued, and with each day the girls seemed to have more energy and I had less. 

They would go first with me to my classroom as I finished preparing for my daily lesson. (I taught a class of international adults a Bible lesson while their children attended VBS.) Their favorite part of "helping" was writing on my white board and cutting up paper. 

Thank goodness for Friday. 

Sara Madalin was chosen to represent the girls in her grade in a game one day at the end of VBS. Luckily, her team won. I'm not sure how she would have handled a loss. She's a bit competitive like her moma. 

It was during the week of VBS that she made a profession of faith. She'd been asking us questions for awhile. We'd asked her questions too to see if she understood what sin is, what repentance is, and what it meant for us as believers for Christ to die on the cross. After VBS week we continued to talk to her and watch her to see if she understood her decision and if she began to show Christ-like behavior. We can't be certain of anyone else's salvation but our own. But we did take time to see if we could see a change in her. We believe that we did and that her decision was genuine. 

The following week she went to day camp for the first time. I'd drop her off each morning at 7:30. She'd board the bus, along with other girls her age, and they'd travel to camp where they'd ride horses, swim, learn to shoot a bow and arrow and a rifle, and swim some more. She had a wonderful time. Each afternoon, I'd pick her up around 5. She was exhausted every day. 

On Thursday morning when I dropped her off, she had her pillow, a blanket, and clothes for the next day. It was her first night to spend away, with people her age, without me. I'm not exaggerating when I say I didn't go to sleep until after 1 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning. She, on the other hand, was asleep by 9 p.m.

Here we are when I dropped her off Thursday morning. She couldn't wait to get on that bus and leave her poor moma behind.

I kept an eye on the camp website while she was gone that day and night. I only found 2 pictures of her.  The one below, and one of her petting a small yard snake. Both showed me that she was fine and having a great time. 

Friday afternoon the campers had a little program. The parents were all sitting in the outdoor "theater" when the campers came in. This was when she first spotted me. Her face lit up and I could tell she was happy to see me after all. 

I was glad to have my girl back. This was right after we got in the car to head home. 

And here we are about 7 minutes down the road.

Bless it. She was worn out. She's already begging to spend every night of the week at camp next year. 

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