Oct 25, 2015

March 2015

In March, there was more Children's Choir, which there were more theme nights. One night was Cowboy/Cowgirl night. Yee haw, partner!

SM also got a trim with Mrs. Lauren right before Spring Break. It was the first time I'd let her go back and get her hair washed and trimmed without me. I sat up in the front of the salon. I looked back about half-way through and saw Lauren drying SM's hair straight. Lauren said that Sara Madalin had asked for her to straighten her hair. About half-way through, Sara Madalin said she wanted her curls back. Lauren assured her that once her hair was wet that the curls would return. She looked so different with straight hair. 

For Spring Break we spent a few days in Birmingham. We didn't think Reagan would be able to get away from the store, so we hadn't made any plans. He was able to get a couple days off so we went somewhere fairly close. 

Twice a year our church hosts Little Feet Children's Consignment Sale. It is put together by a group of women (and a couple men) and 70% of proceeds raised is given directly to foreign and local missions. I'm so thankful to be part of this ministry and I look forward to it in the Spring and Fall. 

We always take a team shot the afternoon before we open the doors for the pre-sale. God has blessed me greatly with people in that photo. 

The saying goes, "Blondes have more fun." Whoever says that just doesn't know how fun it is to be a red-head. Here I am with my fellow red-haried members of the consignment sales team. 

Here are just a couple more pictures from the month of March. The first is Sara Madalin riding her bike for a few minutes before church one Sunday morning. 

And this next picture, well, it speaks for itself. 

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