Oct 25, 2015

May 2015

As the school year ended, our activities seemed to grow in number. We had quite a bit going on in May and even more throughout the Summer. 

The 1st grade program was held in May. Sara Madalin had two parts. One was to recite a poem about Spring. The other part was saying part of a poem where each line began with the letters making up "Mother." She was so cute and she did better than I expected. I was very proud of her. 

Below is a picture of her class before the program. They were dressed according to the part they each had in the program. The program had poems and skits for each season of the year. You can see some dressed in warmer clothes for Winter. Some dressed for football season and back to school time. And a few dressed for Spring or Summer. 

My middle sister, Brandi, graduated with her master's degree in social work in May from the University of Southern Mississippi. The ceremony lasted about 3 hours. Sara Madalin and I made it inside until Brandi received her diploma. Then, we spent the remainder of the time outside. Someone had "ants in her pants" and lizards to catch. 

Sara Madalin loves to swim. She had asked for quite some time to sign up and be part of the swim team at the YMCA. I thought we'd give it a try for the summer and see how things went. She started at the end of May. She jumped right in like she'd been there for years. And she slept very well the night after her first practice. 

At the end of May we hosted a family get-together for everyone on the Little Feet Consignment Sale team. We had a water slide, water balloons, and, of course, the lake, as entertainment. It was fun to have everyone over and I think the little people enjoyed themselves. 

I can't even express in words what all these people mean to me. God has truly blessed me with their friendship, humor, and servant hearts. 

The last week of school I was able to take a cookie cake to Sara Madalin and her classmates in celebration of her 7th birthday. She was one happy girl. 

Children's choir season ended at the end of May. One Sunday morning they sang a couple of songs from their upcoming concert before the congregation. This is Sara Madalin and her friend, Ruth Ann. 

Some of the members of the Children's Choir as they practiced before the first service at church. 

And just like that, 1st grade was over. 

She celebrated the last day of 1st grade by taking a nap on the way home from school.

She asked me why I take so many pictures of her sleeping. I told her, "Because it is a most glorious sight."

The Children's Choir performed their program one Sunday night at church. It was cute and I was so happy to see my little girl up there singing. 

Sara Madalin with her precious, sweet friend, Victoria.

SM and Maddie. If ever there were two drama queens, these two are. They were walking out of the sanctuary one Sunday, holding hands. I came up behind them to ask where they were going. One of them (prob SM) said, "Not right now. We are chit-chatting." Heaven help me. 

This next picture is of SM and one of my sweet little Sunday night students. I took this picture the Sunday before Memorial Day simply because they were both so cute in their Red, White, and Blue. 

With each birthday comes a wellness check-up with our pediatrician. The day that we visited him this past May, we also decided to pull a tooth while we waited. She doesn't believe in the tooth fairy. She told me the very first time she lost a tooth that fairies aren't real. So, when I pulled this tooth, she just told me to go ahead and give her a dollar. 

To celebrate the great job the children did learning their choir songs and performing before the church, we celebrated by taking a trip to the aquarium in New Orleans. I was a chaperone, but took my own car and followed the bus. It was a large chartered bus. SM rode the bus. You would have thought I was sending her off to college. I was nervous and she was excited and fearless. 

Here are all the first grade girls once we arrived at the aquarium. 

Two other moms and I followed this crew around for the better part of the day. Here is Sara Madalin with her friend (and partner in crime), Willa.

On My 21 my girl turned 7-years-old. Her Daddy thought it would be as good a time as any for me to have a nervous breakdown, so he bought her a go-kart. 

Actually, it's not that bad. Reagan has it set in a way that it doesn't go fast at all. And as soon as she takes her foot off the accelerator, it stops. That girl has had a great time on that little thing this past summer. 

We didn't actually have a birthday party this year. Instead, we had a few friends over for swimming, games, and hamburgers in our backyard. On her actual birthday she and I celebrated by going shopping, having lunch together and getting a pedicure. 

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